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Ignore all the hyperbole over Elon trying ONE small hit from Joe’s tobacco/marijuana hybrid joint, two hours into the interview, which did not appear to change his mental state at all. Watch this utterly fascinating conversation for yourself. I promise the time will not be wasted.

I can’t imagine anyone better qualified to explore Musk’s remarkable mind. Many truly thought provoking discussions on very diverse subjects arise. Enjoy!  🙂  ◄Dave►

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  • I watched this last night.
    So fascinating I will watch again this afternoon when time permits.

    It appears to me Musk is getting a little frayed trying to communicate with those who manage and manipulate what goes on in the world.

    No surprise since Musk is so far ahead of the pack they will not catch up for their next 10 lives.

    Rogan is beginning to be one of my favorites on a daily basis. His exchanges with Peterson then later Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila was fairly interesting IMO.

    I find it interesting how adept the main stream media has become at destroying whatever influence they had with the public.

    Perhaps said public is actually beginning to think for themselves (outside the box) for a change. 😉

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