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PostHeaderIcon AR: Funding

[Note: Posts with titles that begin with AR: are stubs for the project described atAmerica Reborn,” which probably should be read first…]

How best should the various levels of necessary government be allowed to fund themselves?


PostHeaderIcon AR: Limiting Government

[Note: Posts with titles that begin with AR: are stubs for the project described atAmerica Reborn,” which probably should be read first…]

Our Founders did a credible job of creating a workable balance between the necessity for some control (government) while still allowing maximum liberty. Yet, they soon discovered the impossibility of “keeping the genie in the bottle”. Is this, as I suspect, an inevitable flaw in any and all attempts to govern? If so, how best to keep the inevitable at bay for as long as possible? Better yet, might there be a scheme that would provide for continual rebirth without continual chaos?

Said another way, are there ways to make governmental structure more immune to the realities of human nature?


PostHeaderIcon AR: Liberty

[Note: Posts with titles that begin with AR: are stubs for the project described atAmerica Reborn,” which probably should be read first…]

I take it as a given that a reborn America must be a land of freedom. All the while recognizing that some control (government) is required. Or, as Madison observed, if men were angels…

In a word, how best to provide the necessary amount of control (government) to protect freedom, safety, etc. while minimizing the intrusion into individual liberty?


PostHeaderIcon AR: Economic System

[Note: Posts with titles that begin with AR: are stubs for the project described atAmerica Reborn,” which probably should be read first…]

What should be the primary economic system of the reborn America? How can it be made more fair while still keeping it free? What is the proper role of the State in the economic system?


PostHeaderIcon AR: Overall Structure

[Note: Posts with titles that begin with AR: are stubs for the project described atAmerica Reborn,” which probably should be read first…]

What should a reborn America look like? How much of the original structure should be kept versus how could it be improved? And why (what are the trade-offs)?


PostHeaderIcon AR: Necessity

[Note: Posts with titles that begin with AR: are stubs for the project described atAmerica Reborn,” which probably should be read first…]

Is this attempt even necessary? Might it be better to just let things continue BAU and hope for the best? Might our suggestions only make things worse?


PostHeaderIcon AR: Where / How To Begin?

[Note: Posts with titles that begin with AR: are stubs for the project described atAmerica Reborn,” which probably should be read first…]

As we think about a restructured America, we face a problem with many “circular dependencies”, making it almost impossible to determine the best way to begin each approach. As a simple “for instance”, we all know that fixing our educational system is a must. But, will an uneducated populace support the time and resources required?


PostHeaderIcon America Reborn

Dave and I have suggested a series of articles addressing the subject: What Should The New America Look Like?

This is based on the collective analysis in this blog that the current America is essentially an historical artifact that will soon degenerate into total chaos unless some new, possibly radical approaches are tried. Said another way, there is no viable path back to what we once were – and were intended to be, ergo there is no rationality in wasting the time and effort trying to do so.

Since only two of us currently have editorial privileges here, and, so that we can have multiple threads so that the discussions remain navigable, I propose to post a series of topical “stubs” to which all participants can equally contribute. What I need you folks to do is suggest a starting list of topical stubs to get the conversation started.



PostHeaderIcon Our Attempt To Find Terrorism

Obviously we survived the Netherlands and Belgium. Indeed, the only action we saw was an encounter between Dutch police and a really rough, Muslim looking fellow at the Amsterdam airport that they escorted out (no idea to where).

Otherwise, except for cool and sometimes rainy weather, the trip was great. River cruising is NOTHING like an ocean cruise. There are far fewer people, the crew get to know the guests and they have at least one included tour at every stop. Also, there is open seating in the dining room, forcing guests to get acquainted with each other.

Again unlike ocean cruises, when you stop, a local guide takes you to mostly historical sites and explains what you are seeing — rather than the wall-to-wall junk merchants one encounters at an ocean cruise port.

Once we have saved enough box tops, we hope to take another, longer river cruise. Obviously, we recommend it.

On the surface, the fare might seem a bit steep until you realize that virtually everything you want or need is included (e.g. those tours at each stop, complimentary beer and wine with meals, etc.) By contrast, the ocean cruise lines constantly nickel and dime you until what at first looked like an affordable cruise ends up costing a fortune – else you just stay in your cabin and stare out the window.

The food was good but not great. But, again, far superior to the ocean cruises that more and more serve crap in their dining rooms so that you will choose to use the expensive optional on-board restaurants instead (the river boat had no optional expensive restaurant).



PostHeaderIcon Random Comments On The Election Process

It is no secret that my participation in the very active discussions here RE the current election have been minimal. This is for the simple reason that I do not think the current sham process is worthy of much serious consideration. Having said that, I do have several comments to share, some of them repeats from previous blogs:

→ While I seriously question whether Donald Trump would make an effective president, I do thank him for making the “establishment” begin to show its true intentions. And those intentions are NOT pro-democracy, pro-republic or pro anything other than the absolute control of the nation by a small elite cabal of the wealthy, mostly in the financial sector, and not nearly all American. (The are the same people who pretty much “own” the FED.).

→ Speaking of the “establishment”, I have heard several pundits opine that the “GOP establishment” would prefer a president Hillary to a president Donald. To refer to a “GOP establishment” or a “Democrat establishment” is simply incorrect. While they both seem to exist, the fact is that there is so much overlap that it is more accurate to refer instead to “THE establishment”.

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PostHeaderIcon Is ISIS Deliberately Helping Elect Trump?

Today’s attacks in Brussels has to boost Donald Trump and tends to validate most of his anti-Islam statements.

It is clear that the Western world is NOT at war with Islam. It is equally clear that Islam IS at war with the Western world.

Meanwhile, our pseudo-dictator shares cigars with a real dictator, whom he no doubt envies, and otherwise does nothing in support of his own nation or Western culture. It is still not too late to impeach this bastard then charge him with high treason. But then, can that many members of Congress grow testicles that quickly? I doubt it.

Troy L Robinson


PostHeaderIcon Let Us Bray

According to today’s Drudge Report

The new Jesus walks among us. If there be a God, please help us now.



PostHeaderIcon Perhaps We Should Do Less Winning?

I spent this past weekend watching 2 grandsons compete in baseball tournaments. As is normal in present America, all the emphasis was on winning. Indeed, apparently winning is all that counts these days.

In the case of total war, I cannot help but agree. In most other cases, I am increasingly skeptical.

As my grandsons “won” some games and “lost” others, I could not help but study the obvious effects these two outcomes had on the young people playing and, to a lesser extent, on the parents watching… almost insanely euphoric in the first case and a hang-dog, give up attitude in the second.

This is the problem with a win/lose dichotomy. While it produces some winners, it always produces an equal or greater number of losers. And this in a game where NOTHING is actually won or lost except one’s very temporary pride, esteem and self confidence. Might it be better to put the emphasis on performing the best one can? Then, all who put forth a good effort can finish the day feeling good about themselves – while those who did not try would know who they are without some artificial win/lose structure.

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PostHeaderIcon And The Crap Goes On

As the candidate field narrows, things get no better. Just consider a few (to me) obvious aspects of the unfolding story:

On the Democrat side, an appalling number of people are supporting an avowed socialist who promises a utopia that is so obviously impossible that one would think this is some manner of national joke. Except that he actually means it. And many well educated people who, of all people, should know better, are supporting his nonsense. I have no expectation that he will win but the simple fact that he has garnered significant support speaks very poorly of we-the-sheeple.

Of course, the Dems do offer an alternative in the form of one of the most dangerous political criminals in recent history. Even though she is being “investigated”, we can rest assured she has the political clout to remain free, dangerous, and very possibly, our next president.

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PostHeaderIcon He Said What?

While driving yesterday, I happened to hear a press conference with the Obamanation.

Sometimes, it is impossible to know when to laugh and when to cry.

For instance, the Obamanation, referring to the upcoming crapfest concerning justice Scalia’s replacement, made at least 3 references to “our democracy”. This bozo is an alleged constitutional scholar and he doesn’t know that we are a republic, not a democracy?

Then, he went on to bemoan at length how Republicans are “reading the constitution and finding things that are not there”.


This is exactly what progressives, like Obama and Clinton, have done for over 100 years now and to the measurable detriment of our republic.

It still amazes me how people like Obama and both Clintons can stand before the American people and tell the most obvious and outrageous lies – while the MSM pretends not to notice. And while a seeming majority of Americans seem not to give a hoot.

The Republicans should have impeached this guy the day after winning back the Senate. They fact that they were (are) too cowardly to do so has left the door open to unimaginable damage yet to be done over the next 9 months.

Makes me want to puke.

Troy L Robinson


PostHeaderIcon Is It Possible To Be Too Obvious?

Little is being noted in the MSM over something I find too obvious to ignore. That is the fact that Chelsea Clinton is the “spitting image” of her daddy Webb Hubbell.

Makes one wonder if Bill and Hill ever had an actual physical relationship. It has been clear for years that they have a political and financial partnership rather than a marriage in the true sense of the word, but, could it be this extreme?

And what of poor Chelsea? Does the child have no feelings whatever? Do her parents (real and pretended) have any compassion whatever for the child? I cannot imagine the strain she must have been under for all these years, growing up in the public spotlight with parents (real and pretended) who make little or no attempt to hide their manifold crimes and misdeeds.

On the other hand, this obvious situation (Hubbell being Chelsea’s dad) and the probability of a fling with Vince Foster would indicate that, if Hillary is indeed lesbian, she can swing both ways.

What a sorry mess of a “family”. Before any of you ask, NO, this is NOT typical of Arkansans. Nor do they reach the standards we SHOULD have for political leaders.

Troy L Robinson


PostHeaderIcon What The Heck Just Happened

Suddenly, with the death of Justice Scalia, things have gotten far more interesting. Assuming the GOP Senate successfully blocks Obama from getting a nominee seated before the next POTUS takes office, then the outcome of the presidential contest takes on a much greater importance.

IMHO, this new wrinkle makes it imperative that the next POTUS favor a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

Troy L Robinson


PostHeaderIcon Why Socioeconomic Systems Fail

Today, I venture to opine on a subject this has been over opined about by people far more qualified to offer opinions than yours truly.

Still, I will offer my own opinions with the hope that my use of simplification and common language might be more palatable than that typically used by the over educated.

In theory, a Free Market, operated in an environment of laissez-faire, is the best, most reliable and most equitable economic model available. So, how could such a system possibly fail? IMHO, partly due to its own accumulated success.

What could I possibly mean by such a silly statement? How can accumulated success lead to systematic failure? Simple, it does so when the economic model (the Free Market) attempts to operate in a vacuum. Said differently, when the economic model operates as if it alone is responsible for long term societal prosperity.

Secondly, this socioeconomic model fails when it is overburdened from without.

Thirdly, a state of “general prosperity” is anathema to those among us who, seemingly unable to control themselves, seek to control everyone else instead.

Still sounds a bit silly, does it not? Not to me.

In the case of the United States of America, a mostly free market economy (what I see as a “free enough” market economy) took a fledgling nation from a condition of national non-entity to super-power status so quickly that it gave us all a mild form of collective whiplash. It also gave us a level of general prosperity never before seen in the world and, by many, thought to be impossible to attain.

Then, almost suddenly, it all seems to be unraveling at the seams.

I have suggested 3 basic reasons for this:

→ Accumulated success
→ Overburdening from without
→ The desire to control acerbated by unbounded greed

Let us now discuss these individually, in simple terms and using common sense language:

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PostHeaderIcon Freedom Fest

St. J9 and I will be attending Freedom Fest 2016, July 13-16 at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV. We will also be attending part of the Atlas Summit (July 11-13 at Planet Hollywood) and the John Stossel program (audience).

Might we see any of you there?

If you plan to go, the early-bird special rate ends on January 31, 2016.

Register at:



PostHeaderIcon Slick Willie = Busy Willie

This lately from Breitbart: EXCLUSIVE–Linda Tripp: ‘Bill Had Affairs with Thousands of Women’

You know, you really have to admire the guy despite him being a totally despicable criminal sleezeball. Even pretending to be governor then president is hard enough — but to be bedding women by the THOUSANDS in the process? Wow. My one woman wears me out.


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