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Profound: “My education was not free – I paid for it with my mind!” -Candace Owens

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…to watch the last 15 minutes of this remarkable interview. If you find her as inspirational as I do, then when you have the time you’ll want to go back and watch the whole hour from the beginning.

BTW: Here is her hot YouTube channel.  Her clips are all short and powerful. Enjoy… â—„Daveâ–º

32 Responses to “Free Education?”

  • Chris says:

    What a delightful young lady. She gets it. Now excuse me while I go check out her Youtube channel. Fresh air can be hard to find these days.

    Paul Joseph Watson introduced her on infowars Aug 30th. Jones stuck his nose in and interrupted her far to much. I was so struck by her young age and outlook on life I watched all of her videos … then re-post every new video she makes since then.

    She is indeed a breath of fresh air 😉

    • Hey CT!!! How have you been? I have missed you. Obviously, I need to start checking your blog again. 😀

      Yes, I too have now watched all of her videos. Perhaps there is hope for this new generation after all! Jones is just too irritating to watch. He seems incapable of an unspoken thought, or even a politely delayed one. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Hi Dave,

        Family issues … my brother suddenly took ill and passed away last week.
        Funeral yesterday.

        Other than that personally doing well.

        Entertained by Trump who simply marches ahead flipping the middle finger to the opposition.

        Bored by the media who apparently are hell bent on destroying themselves with self imposed idiocy. Pleased they are so expert at it!
        Interested to watch Stefan and others gaining a foothold to replace them.

        Totally disgusted with the TRAITOR John McCain and the DELUDED FOOLS who consider him a hero on any level.

        As for Jones if he quit running his mouth for a moment and let his people take over he might actually end up with an interesting network.

        That is the short of it to date. 😉

        • So sorry to hear about your brother, CT. From comments you made in the past, I always thought he would make a good friend, if I ever got a chance to meet him. RIP…

          Yes, Trump is still “big league” entertainment, and a master at choreographing the news. He is stuck backing the wrong candidate in Alabama, and the latest Obamacare repeal effort is dying again in the Senate… so what are the news media fussing over? His newly minted public squabble with contumacious football players! Who do you think is winning that debate? 😀

          I don’t even turn the TV on anymore. I am still enjoying the Safari Live broadcasts instead. Have you watched any of their new broadcasts from Kenya? Lions and Cheetahs galore daily from there!

          There never was anything heroic about John McCain. In his own book, he admits that he broke under torture, and played Tokyo Rose for the North Vietnamese. It doesn’t get more dishonorable than that! â—„Daveâ–º

          • Hi Dave,

            Thank you. He had so many interesting stories like you do Dave. 35 years in the Navy and he saw a lot of the world. He made me laugh because he could build anything but could not understand his computer.

            What do I think about the NFL debate … LOL
            Beyond stupid! If I were a team owner every person on their knees would be fired immediately. WHY? Because they are pissing off the paying customers and eventually the sponsors who pay big bucks for exaggerated salaries of pea brained lummoxes. If they have an ax to grind do it on their own time not on my dime. 😉

            No I have not watched the lions and cheetahs recently … I actually have gone back into knitting (pattern making) and then decided to try my hand at watercolors. That meant I had to reorganize my craft room (a work in progress) probably for the next 10 years … lol

            Lions, tigers and bears clearly more interesting than TV of late. Thanks for the reminder and links. 🙂

          • 35 years! That is half a lifetime.

            What do I think about the NFL debate

            Imagine your brother’s! I do agree with you. See my reply to Chris on the next thread for my nuances.

            When are you going to knit me a warm cap to sleep in?

            No tigers or bears in Africa; but plenty of lions, leopards, and cheetahs to melt your heart. Especially the cute cubs. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

          • Chris says:

            “When are you going to knit me a warm cap to sleep in?”

            Knit him one of those funny pink ones with the points on top. 😀

          • LOL! I haven’t had one of those stretched around my ears since the day I was born! If she knits it, I’ll wear it to bed, since nobody will ever see it here in my hermitage. Then again, what if I were to die in my sleep? It might make the six o’clock news! 😯 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          My condolences on the loss of your brother CT.

          So far Trump has proved only one thing. How deep and murky the swamp really is. The only situation I find worth following now is the issue of this “unmasking” of communications by the former administration. Not because I am delusional enough to think anyone will be held responsible but to expose the system. Probably the most alarming situation to me is the very sparsely reported fact that former administration officials no longer in government positions and indeed some accused of misdeeds still have security clearance. My question is WHY? I also believe that most of congress through the vast surveillance system have been compromised and subject to black mail. Judges as well.

          Trump has turned out to be everything I hoped he personally would be. His administration is everything I knew it would be.

  • Thank You Chris,

    I too have wondered who was blackmailing who in government. It would be nice if some of these twits ended up in the slammer. Starting with Hillary Clinton and crew. Apparently we have now moved into the “Obama WHO?” phase. With all of the talented accomplished black people in the US this guy got picked to be President? ASTOUNDING!

    Personally I have given up on TV news. Of periodic interest is Tucker Carlson’s dumbfounded facial expressions as he interviews his guests.

    What does it say about the news if zombies get better ratings 😉

  • You two make me laugh out loud. I can just see you both in pink pussy hats.

    Forget if you died in your sleep and were found wearing it … what if you had it in a drawer after your passing and someone found it?
    What on earth would they think? ROFL

    You would have to attach a permanent note letting everyone know it was a gift from a friend 😉

    I have made lots of hats but never for men. Always pretty hats for women or girls. Sexist huh?

    • I can just see you both in pink pussy hats.

      That does make for an amusing visual. It would be cool if we could both walk into a coffee shop together with them. For public use, put a fur trim around his, and I will try to talk him into wearing a necktie with it, to keep the foreskin off his face. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        Funny you should mention. I just took delivery on my new winter fedora yesterday. A tie? Only under the harshest of conditions. Weddings and funerals. And that’s only if I really liked the subject of the occasion.

        • Ah; but one cannot wear a fedora to bed to keep a bald head and ears warm. As I have mentioned often hereabouts, I have refused to wear a tie for any occasion, since my going away luncheon on Mar. 9, 1973. That was the day I quit working for others and became an entrepreneur. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          Ahhh yes. Rebellion against established norms of appearance and conduct. I lose that battle tomorrow. Not only am I being coerced into wearing a tie, but I’m being made up in the full costume of the elitist establishment. The full monkey suit of the aristocratic oppressors. I am then expected to behave in the semblance of a civilized man. My neck already chafing from a starched collar I haven’t even put on yet is not conducive to civility. My aching feet planted firmly in rental shoes that don’t give a whit about comfort as I’m compelled to appear effortlessly gliding a parade of ladies across a dance floor. My one and only salvation may be passed to me over a wooden counter top by a smiling gentleman in a bow tie whose only real motivation is not to eliminate my distress but fill the large glass at the end of the counter with artificial symbols of my labor.

          LOL My son is getting married tomorrow. My youngest. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Even if I have to be “civilized” for a few hours.

          • Congratulations, Chris. I don’t recall you ever mentioning a son. I can see how you might not be able to avoid the needful for family. In any case, stick close to the wooden counter… 😀

            After leisure suits went out of fashion, I started wearing silk aloha shirts to such functions. When I left Hawaii and became a cattle rancher, I was never expected to wear a necktie, as long as I wore a Stetson and a big fancy belt buckle. These days, as an eccentric old hermit who rarely leaves his cave, I get away with claiming that I just don’t do weddings or funerals. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

          • Yes Chris congratulations … at least those big shindig wedding events are usually one per kid in a lifetime.

            I passed that point with the 2 grandsons 4 years ago. Now there will be a break for about 15 or so years while the 4 great grand-kids grow up. Perhaps weddings will really be forgotten antiquated ritual by that time.

            You guys wearing ties or rented shoes is nothing … try a pair of 5″ stilettos for about 4 hours. Gliding gracefully around a dance floor in a long flowing gown is a challenge at this late date. 😉

            Little did I know the “work godhead” did me a favor when they banned the stiletto because it was deemed a work hazard. With the end of the stiletto era so went silk stockings.

            Now I am left with crocks and bobby socks for at least 15 years. I would say I am now close to full circle since I avoid funerals all together.

          • Hmm… The only shoes I ever rented were at bowling alleys and skating rinks. I never thought about the silly stilettos… perhaps women don’t always get all the breaks after all. Since their true value lies in how they enhance the shape of female legs, wearing them under a long gown makes no more sense than a silly necktie does. 😉

            Actually, the main reason I had grown to hate ties so much by the time I left the corporate world back in ’73, was that the sweltering office where I worked was not air-conditioned. I still had to wear a coat and tie as a matter of company policy; but the female employees could wear hot-pants and halter tops, because they were in fashion at the time. That seemed terribly unfair to this particular male chauvinist pig. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

          • Chris says:

            I know how you hate Facebook but I’m just going to drop this here anyway. Pride compels me. My son Sean and his beautiful bride Megan.

  • Here is the thing Dave.
    Most sexy women know a well turned ankle becomes a great turned ankle in stilettos. As far as the long glowing gown? It is the overall feeling one gets from being dressed to the 9’s.

    It is like beautiful lacy underwear … no one might see it but you certainly act sexier knowing you have it on. … LOL
    Take my word for it!

    About the tie thing. One thing I always notice is a nice looking tie and how well it is tied. Another thing I always notice being from cow country is a great looking stetson, nice looking cowboy boots and a great buckle … LOL

  • It is like beautiful lacy underwear … no one might see it but you certainly act sexier knowing you have it on. … LOL
    Take my word for it!

    Interesting… I did not know that. It can make me act sexier too; but I have to actually see her wearing it, before it has that effect on me. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Interesting… I did not know that.

    Ah ha … it is fun to learn something new right? 😉

    • Yes, trying to figure out what makes a woman tick has always been entertaining. Here, all this time, I had thought of a man shopping at Victoria Secret for a gift, as an act of selfishness. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Trying to figure out what makes women tick is a monumental challenge probably for most women too. I often find myself thinking … what on earth possessed her to do that?

        As for Victoria’s Secret … my best girlfriend had a shop here in town called “Sweet Seduction” that was when Victoria’s Secret was still a baby and the biggest market vendor was Frederick’s of Hollywood. The LA Mart was just transitioning to really pretty lingerie from traditional granny panties (maybe 3 manufacturers only in the US). In those days when we went to market the big showrooms had live models showing off the new collections. It was so much fun and we liked best the rooms that would let you buy items to take home with you. Those rooms were few.

        The exception was jewelry where you could buy the best of the best without costing an absolute fortune. Virtually no mark up … gold and silver was weighed and priced off the gold and silver standard of the day.

        The one wise thing I did was keep up my CA resale license though I do not use it much any more. It does come in handy for the internet business that requires it for wholesale pricing.

  • What a nice video Chris!
    Handsome son and beautiful new daughter-in-law.
    Gorgeous dress too 🙂

    • Yes, very cool, Chris. FB even allowed me to view it without logging in. Congratulations again. BTW: Your new fedora looks really good in your FB profile pic. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        Thanks Dave, and CT. Yea, I made sure that one was public so anyone could view. The fedora is nothing short of a necessity. When the snow flakes fall my now sparsely populated yet still majestic cranium needs protection.

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