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James O’Keefe has done it again:


I have absolutely nothing in common with these foul characters, and refuse to consider them as my countrymen. Obviously, they would have similar disregard for anyone who thinks like me. For those still convinced that partisan battles for control of the US government are necessary, to herd the sheeple for the benefit of civilization, try to convince me that it is still working and deserving of our support. Before you allow your mind to write these fool Marxists off as anarchists, please understand that a proper anarchist would have no desire to reshape government to his liking. The anarchist wishes to be entirely free of government, not in control of it.  :twisted:  ◄Dave►

4 Responses to “Disrupt J20”

  • Troy Robinson says:

    With no evidence whatever to back it up, my instincts see and smell George Soros all over this.


  • Troy Robinson says:

    Can these idiots not understand that their actions simply beg for a dictatorship? Do they really think Trump is a fascist or are they trying to force him to behave like one? If so, to what end? Just to be able to say “we told you so”?

    I confess that I simply cannot understand the thinking of those who want to chop off the hand that sustains them.


  • Chris says:

    Which has been my point for quite some time. In anarchy it’s not the peaceful anarchists that run things. It’s the anarchist that creates order. 😉

  • I suppose it never occurred to these pieces of pond scum that someone could actually get seriously hurt in all of this.

    It would be nice if each of these fools was picked up and tossed into a chain gang for about 5 years actually chipping granite into gravel with a sledge hammer for 8 hours a day.

    Clearly they have too much time on their hands.

    As for Soros it would be nice if he did the world a giant favor and simply dropped dead.

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