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Megyn Kelly moving from Fox News to NBC would seem like nothing more than a greedy talking head seeking more money until you look at the almost magical mathematics behind the move. Just imagine — moving a single person from one organization to another actually doubled the average IQ of BOTH organizations at the same time. No mean feat that!


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  • LOL, Troy! If one thinks about it, the same might end up being true of their ratings. I have only turned on my TV once since election night; but I have viewed quite a few excellent YouTube clips of Tucker’s show. I suspect that his ratings will soon eclipse not only Megyn’s but those of O’Reily, especially for the younger “demo” audience. If I were to allow myself one hour of TV daily, it would certainly be Tucker’s. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Jerry Elkins says:

    A major improvement for Fox. NBC is beyond help, certainly not from the liberal troll Kelly.

  • Let’s all face it. Megyn got a bit to big for her panties and got the royal boot.

    Gotta say I am getting a little bit frayed around the edges at all of the feminist crap being pushed onto the young female fools we have willing to fall for it. That seems to be the latest Megyn bandwagon push or coat-tails to stay relevant.

  • I’ve actually been impressed with Kelly post-election. She has been moderating a lot of split screen debates between opposing wingnuts, which is a better format than I see from most shows. I’ll check out her new show and see what she does with it. If nothing else, it will be insight into the influence of network vs. commentator on content and message. I tried watching Meet the Press this week for the first time since Russert died. What NBC has done to that show feels like it should be criminal. Russert would be appalled.

    Tucker has potential. I’ll be interested to see how he handles bigger name guests in a better time slot. Mostly I’ve just seen him picking apart people who have spent so much time in the echo chambers that they probably qualify as mentally ill. Kind of the opposite of Oreilly, who I find intolerable when he’s unchallenged, but good with a worthy opponent.

    I’m in a bit of commentator limbo at the moment with the few shows I watched having their hosts die or move around. In a more general sense, I’ve been enjoying watching when there is something interesting to talk about, but the slow news days are really bad. Everyone just falls into tiresome agendas and inflating everyday incidents to massive crisis.

    • I haven’t seen Megyn since the election, and now will probably never see her again. I don’t recall ever watching Meet The Press since Russert died either. I couldn’t stand the twerp who replaced him, so I never bothered.

      Your comment about Tucker not facing worthy opponents yet was thoughtful. Because of it, I broke one of my vows to myself (to never see Glenn Beck again), to see how Tucker handled him:

      He did well. Beck looked fat, and sounded somewhat humbled. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • A friend told me about this interview and I found it on youtube.
        Because Carlson kept Beck’s feet squarely on the fire I have decided to give his program a go.

        As for Beck. One tends to get HUMBLE when you lose half your audience and supporters (paid that is). Then barely escape bankruptcy.

        I got the impression Beck was speaking first hand about how fame goes to ones head.

        A good lesson in life is when you lose fans, supporters etc. THEY SELDOM RETURN.

    • I’ve never said anything nice about Beck and I don’t intend to start. It’s funny to me that Tucker had him on the first show. He’s pretty much just a more famous version of the crazies Tucker normally deals with.

      My favorite thing about Tucker is his “I’m listening very intently to a crazy person” face, illustrated in the video thumbnail. I’m seriously thinking about printing out a life size version to hang on my wall to tell all my crazy conspiracy theories to.

      • “I’m listening very intently to a crazy person”

        Excellent description of his iconic deadpan pose. I had been vacillating among “You are joking, right?”; “Could this idiot actually believe what he is saying?”; and “Can this insanity really be happening?” You nailed it. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

    • I am simply guessing but her post-election change (don’t know about it since I was tired of her BS) … is most likely because the slats got yanked from under her at Fox.

      My few years in HR made me aware of the GENERAL “WE ARE SO SORRY TO TERMINATE YOUR CONTRACT MY DEAR” as they force her out the door.

      The moment she sided with Carlson over the harassment I would have bet her career at Fox was ended no matter how popular she was.

      Let’s face it NO COMPANY HEAD wants another suit ready to happen on their staff.

      I will not be watching her again.

  • Chris says:

    Meh! Most I ever watch is The Five these days. Just because I like to watch Eric Boling slap around Juan Williams. Gutfeld raises a good rant once in a while too. Past that I’m spending my time in other deplorable endeavors.

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