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Thanks Chris:

This is a great example and explanation of why I don’t have time, to bother to turn on my TV anymore. Two of the intellectual stalwarts of the Alt-Right (or at least my interpretation of it), freely discussing current events at politically-incorrect depths that one almost never sees on TV — even Fox News.

As a news junkie, with the ability to think for myself, I wouldn’t trade the half hour I invested in watching this, for even ten hours of O’Reilly, Kelly, or Hannity, et al. Don’t miss the sheer joy, with which Stefan Molyneux gave me the title for this post, about 22 min. in. He is having too much fun; we should be too. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Chris says:

    This was posted to the Alex Jones channel on Youtube. I’m guessing for strategic reasons Stephan had the talk with an Infowars reporter and not Jones himself. A wise choice.

    • Watson is undoubtedly more respected in the Alt-Right community, than Jones himself. He seems focused on politics. I have never seen him delve into the bizarre conspiracy stuff Jones is unfortunately known for. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      See that’s the thing. Up until now Jones was the face of what many on the “main stream right” would have considered “the alt right”. If others wish to lay claim to the moniker and then bring it main stream they are going to have to either stay clear of him or squelch his shtick. I was never able to take Jones seriously yet I know SOME of his views and stories are valid. For the same reason they have to avoid guys like Beck who to me is no longer “main stream right”. LOL I don’t know what box to put him in any more but still SOME of his stories and views are valid as well.

      • Just because someone has alternative views to what you are calling the “main stream right,” would not qualify them for membership in the ‘Alt-Right,’ by the lights of the original founders of the meme. You are right, however, to suggest that it has become a catch-all term for dissenters of GOPe orthodoxy.

        This is why I qualified my use of the term above. To me, it now denotes just about any non-leftest, who eschews the MSM, in favor of creative use of the internet, to undermine the agenda of the oligarchs controlling the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly in America.

        To me, I would prefer it did not encompass any irrational religious nuts like Beck, or any of the committed racial supremacists who actually began the meme; but that is by no means my call. Just as the amorphous labels ‘conservative,’ or ‘Republican’ tend to be big open tents without legitimate gatekeepers, the same is becoming true of the neologism ‘Alt-Right.’

        Any term that could be construed to encompass both Milo and Beck, sure isn’t referring to any recognizable ideology. Actually, I rather like it that way, because it also gives me a friendly venue to hang my hat, and hang out with some often intelligent independent thinkers, who tend not to be sheeple. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • It is hard to imagine Watson being connected to Alex Jones. I look for Stone to be with Jones but I almost can not stand his loud interruptions when Stone is in the middle of saying something.

    I would not watch Jones at all if it were not for Stone.
    Actually I am shocked he supports Trump since he appears to HATE everyone most of the time.

    As for Beck?
    I am sorry for him.
    He was so vested in Cruz he shot his credibility and his business along with it. Hard to recover those who left the fold after staying so long in his negative I HATE TRUMP rut.

    • Chris says:

      Beck was no help to Cruz either. I think he actually cost him votes.

      • I bet that is probably true, Chris. At this point, it gives me cognitive dissonance to recall that I ever actually respected the Piously Correct fool. Whatever was I thinking? Quite obviously, I probably wasn’t… at least not clearly… or should I say Clinically. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          Don’t feel bad. I was there too. He’s changed from his Fox News days. It’s not us. It’s him.

        • It is hard to accept; but I recall the first time I took issue enough with something he said, to put it in writing:
          Glenn Beck & The Citizen’s Militia
          …I suppose he went progressively downhill from there, over seven years ago. It just took me some time to give up entirely on him. 🙁 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          Completely agree Dave. CT mentioned in a previous comment that Beck lost his credibility when he started backing Cruz. Sorry but that ship sailed a long time before that. So much so that I was wishing Beck would just shut the hell up and go home. It is kind of funny though that the primaries have been over for months and Cruz has since gone back to taking care of the business of Texas but he’s still on so many minds.

      • Yes Chris you are no doubt correct. Having an open wingnut on your side when trying to climb over an uphill mountain path is not helpful.

        Cruz was dead out of the chute however.
        Being doubly disqualified to be US President was the only thing I actually had against Cruz in the beginning.

        What irked me most was the “I AM YOUR ONLY FIGHTER FOR THE CONSTITUTION”.
        What a CROCK!

        You know that could have been corrected with a Constitutional Amendment. THEN ONE DAY?

        But NO … DISHONEST Cruz had to pretend he was legit.

        So in the long haul perhaps wingnut Beck DID THE NATION a giant service.

        The day I was watching Beck on his radio show and he got unhinged at Trump declining his show invitation (which was a scheduling issue and Trump saying to the person trying to set up the interview … “have Glenn call me to reschedule”).

        The Beck attitude was how dare he request that I CALL HIM BACK PERSONALLY>

        I sat there in shock wondering exactly who Beck thought he was. Clearly he was in major torque over the issue and apparently what he thought was a slight.

        From that point on Trump was “pond scum” to Beck.
        As interesting as I found that behavior it gets boring REALLY FAST for me. It is what you see happen to addicts when they fall or rush off the wagon. I do not think that is what happened to Beck however … my opinion is he was simply consumed with jealousy.

        I feel sorry for him.

        • Chris says:

          No less than 4 federal judges disagree with you CT. SCOTUS will never hear it and congress has no need to change it. As a point I somewhat agree with you, but you also have to use the rules of the game on the ground. Subsequent statute that congress has passed weigh in as well. As long as birthright citizenship without even one citizen parent exists the argument against Cruz to me seems self defeating. But I think we have beat this long enough.

        • No less than 4 federal judges disagree with you CT.

          Yes and more than that apparently do not think Hillary or Bill Clinton should be jailed for their activity.

          So much for the Constitution and the rule of law right? 🙂

        • No less than 4 federal judges disagree with you CT.

          So what, Chris? They were wrong. When it comes down to it, it is the voter, not government employed judges, who get to decide what our founders intended when they wrote the Constitution. CT (and I) have as much right as any judge to interpret our founders intent, and do our best to convince our fellow citizens that ours is the correct interpretation. 😉

          All manner of Federal judges have ruled that certain arms may not be possessed by certain citizens, even though the Constitution clearly states otherwise. Our founders certainly included their civilian possessed cannons in their original meaning of arms. As soon as repeating firearms were invented, they too fell within the 2nd Amendment protected right of American citizens to keep and bear them. When fully automatic firearms were invented, they too became keep-able and bearable arms, whatever politicians and judges might think.

          Most Federal judges would disagree; but they would be wrong. The contract that is the Constitution, is not amendable by statute or judicial fiat. This can only be done through its clearly defined Amendment process. Federal judges, politicians, and Progressive bed-wetters who think otherwise, can go pound sand.

          You are right about one thing, though. We have probably beat this horse beyond recognition. You have made it clear that you would have been OK, with the Canadian Born Citizen as POTUS. CT and I would never have accepted him usurping the office, or ever have considered him to be legitimately the POTUS. All three of us are intransigent on the issues involved, and further debate is rather pointless, since the travesty simply isn’t ever going to happen now. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy Robinson says:

    When I listen to people like this, I could almost get encouraged. Then I remember how precious few of us there are who actually even care what is about to happen.

    My analysis remains the same — it is too little and far too late. All this sort of thing is doing is to show how dangerous the Internet has become to would-be tyrants. And, no matter which false flavor of the unified establishment appears to have won the coming election sideshow, you can bet the muzzle is soon to be applied.

    With luck, that attempt to muzzle will (finally) provoke the revolution that is so long overdue. On the other hand, it is probable that so many have become so “sheepleized” that there will be little more than a whimper as we are silenced.

    Folks, I wish so much that I could see some glimmer of hope for the near-term future but the practical side of my mind simply refuses to be convinced.

    Sadly, a major culling of the international “herd” is required before human progress can become the norm again rather than a phenomenon experienced by a relative few as it is now.

    Among other things, mankind must be cured of the mental illness we call religion. Superstitions begun over two millennia ago are simply incompatible with the future that beckons to us.

    As usual, I really hope I am mistaken. It remains to be seen.

    In the truly long term, I envision an amazing future for mankind, but a trial from hell standing between now and then.


    • I for one, did not mean to suggest that the Alt-Right was any kind of short-term solution to what ails our society, Troy. I do think that they may end up leading the coming revolution, of which you speak, and may be the only hope for organizing whatever is to follow it.

      Alas, however, the internet is at the same time, Liberty’s greatest hope and biggest Achilles heel. We all observed how social media was used effectively in the Arab Spring; but just the thought of how easy it will be for the powers-that-be to shut it down, makes me shudder.

      During a similar period of political unrest back in the ’90s, we militia types had only land-line telephones, modems, and the interconnected BBS system to communicate with each other, beyond our local communities. Being a licensed Ham Radio operator, my specialty was back-up communications. We had a national HF radio network and contingency plans.

      Unfortunately, with ever-increasing internet usage, my Ham gear has been in storage for the past 20 years. Undoubtedly, a few electrolytic capacitors have dried out, and it wouldn’t even work if I dug it out and tried to use it now. Even if it did, who would I talk to, and how could I trust anyone I did find on the air, not to be a government agent?

      So, having thought this all through before, I suspect the future is even bleaker than you suggest, Troy. The oligarchs are so committed to maintaining their power, that they will plunge us into another Dark Ages for an indeterminate period, before our posterity eventually climbs out of their caves and starts over. Needless to say, it won’t make much difference to us old folks, who will be long gone by then. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • One interesting thing I noted: In a recent election cycle, the Tea Party was infiltrated and rebranded by insiders. It seems like a new strategy for the establishment to maintain control. There is a new anti-PC core that is starting to realize that they can prevent this simply by making themselves too toxic for the existing power structure to touch. Trump is an example. No one from inside the system would deliberately inflict this level of damage on themselves and still be able to keep the support of the donors. It also works against people like Hillary that try to stay one step closer to moderate and claim they like a similar, but slightly saner version of your policies. You want to steal my plan? I’ll make it so toxic to your base they’ll need trigger warnings, while still keeping the support of my base. Game theory gets ugly in elections, but I’ll be glad to see the microagression crowd crumble if it works.

      • Somewhat making my point regarding our communications vulnerabilities:

        …fortunately, the treasure trove is not actually located with him. Tomorrow should be interesting… 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

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