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Lately, the state of Hillary Clinton’s “health” has been a frequent topic among the pundits (led by hizhonor The Mayor).

All through Hillary’s reign at State, one thing was very clear to me from the many photos of baggy eyes, greasy hair and the like were obvious symptoms of substance abuse – most likely alcohol.

Indeed, almost all of the “symptoms” observed by the pundits – difficulty with stairs, sometimes even walking, the obvious lack of hygiene, the signs of insufficient rest, mental errors, episodes of extreme behavior, etc., etc. are all typical of habitual drunks.

There is no question that she is in bad shape. So bad that her running mate deserves extra scrutiny, much as should have happened at the last election of FDR when nobody with any sense though he could survive the term he was being elected to. As it was, we got somewhat lucky with Truman. I really doubt the same would be true of Kaine who, IMHO, comes of as rather immature and totally silly. Rather a male version of Elizabeth Warren. (Hmmm… I wonder of he also is an Indian?)

Hillary Clinton, in summary, is a liar, a murderer, a drunk, and a criminal whose only objective in life is feathering her own nest. Yet, at this point, she is almost certain to win the election.

How can our nation have become so totally stupid?

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • How can our nation have become so totally stupid?

    It was planned that way over a century ago, Troy. The explanation is detailed in probably the most informative book I have ever read. I have recommended it before; but recently I found it archived in PDF format: The Underground History of American Education.

    It is a tome, whose length at first appears daunting; but I found it well worth the time. At least read the Prologue, which begins thus:

    The shocking possibility that dumb people don’t exist in sufficient numbers to warrant the millions of careers devoted to tending them will seem incredible to you. Yet that is my central proposition: the mass dumbness which justifies official schooling first had to be dreamed of; it isn’t real.

    If you think you detest Progressives now, reading this remarkable history book will give you a whole new perspective, on just how utterly evil they are! 😈 â—„Daveâ–º

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