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The previous “Honey Badger” post about Breitbart and Steve Bannon revealed part of the picture, to which CT’s comments providing the Mercer connection added even more. Now, a very comprehensive Conservative Tree House article, ties it all together brilliantly. In “Presidential Politics and Current Status of UniParty…” Sundance deftly explains much of the elitist’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans in the past two years, endeavoring to ensure the oligarchs remain in control, whichever wing of the Incumbrepublocrat UniParty duopoly prevails in November 2016:

Those who do not accurately present historical context are doomed to misinterpret political shifts. With the recent enhancements to Donald Trump’s campaign team there’s a great deal of erroneous reporting and various opinion articles that are disconnected from historical accuracy.

Sundance then fills in the history necessary to accurately understand what just happened in the Trump campaign shakeup:

The addition of Kellyanne Conway (campaign manager) and Steve Bannon (campaign CEO) to the Trump campaign caught many people off guard, CTH included.  The connective tissue between Bannon and Conway is billionaire Robert Mercer, and to a slightly lesser extent his daughter Rebekah.

Mercer purchased an $11 million stake in Breitbart Media, essentially becoming the financial backbone for the enterprise.  Mr. Mercer also took out a large stake in Cambridge Analytica, a data firm.  Cambridge Analytica set up a Presidential Preference poll on the Breitbart website to gather the information of visitors and political followers.

Steve Bannon is Chairman of the Breitbart Media group, and as such he was responsible for managing the intent of Mercer’s investment.  To facilitate this objective Breitbart Media took on the role of promoting Pro-Cruz media almost exclusively.

As more and more people came to the Breitbart website (2014-2015), those who took the presidential preference poll became part of the collected data of Cambridge Analytics.   After approximately a year of this data gathering, Breitbart Media and Ted Cruz began soliciting donations for the Cruz campaign using the captured content and using the Breitbart Banner in their email requests for contributions.

Simultaneously, Robert Mercer had also established over $10 million into a Super-PAC (Keep The Promise) to benefit Ted Cruz.   Steve Bannon managed the pro Cruz investment in Breitbart, and eventually Kellyanne Conway was in charge of Keep the Promise Super-PAC.

This is the factual political structure put in place by billionaire Robert Mercer, before Donald Trump was even a consideration. 

There have been numerous outlines into the motives Mercer held therein, however history -and events during the GOP primary- provide us with an ability to understand.

That is just the setup; it gets even better. The whole #Never Trump fiasco, and the Ted Cruz flame-out, become much clearer. Don’t miss it.  :-)  â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Oh my gosh Dave this is so cool!

    Now we have a list of who definitely needs to be booted right out of power or office.

    I vote start with Karl Rove and his silly whiteboard.

    Beck has already done himself in and the other night on O’Reilly it was hard to miss the eye rolling of Bill as he chatted with Beck.

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