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One of the short and informative podcasts I regularly listen to while exercising, is the Weekly Standard. It interviews many of the writers for the magazine, on current political events. I have been frequently amused, by how spectacularly wrong their chief prognosticator Bill Kristol has consistently been over the past year, regarding Trump’s chances of continued success. One of his regular laments, has his been dismay over Trump’s Troubling Twitter Tweets.  🙂

Scott Adams, on the other hand, has spent much of the year analyzing Trump’s persuasion techniques, explaining technically why he is winning, and predicting that he will continue to do so.

With that in mind, don’t miss Scott’s blog post this morning: “Experience is Overrated.” I literally LOL at the Twitter exchange he had with Bill Kristol:

Yesterday I tweeted this provocative claim:

“If experience is necessary to be president, name one political topic I can’t master in one hour under the tutelage of top experts.”

This caused a predictable crap-tornado on Twitter. One of the most popular retorts came from Bill Kristol who replied:


As luck would have it, I’m an expert at writing humor under the constraint of brevity. So I responded thusly:

I learned Bill Kristol’s job in under an hour too. We should compare our political predictions.

That was fun.

But the bigger question is whether an inexperienced politician – who is well-educated, and experienced in business – could make good decisions based on the advice of experts. Let’s dig into that…

Which he proceeds to do, with his usual display of uncommon sense and sagacity. Do enjoy it. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Jerry Elkins says:

    Quoting Kristol is a BIG waste of time. Unless you enjoy debating morons. Which can be difficult.

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