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I have become increasingly disturbed by the media’s proclivity, to initially attempt to absolve the state, for failing to prevent horrific acts of terrorism. They nearly always try to classify every new terrorist attack, as having been perpetrated by a ‘lone wolf,’ unaligned with any acknowledged Islamic Jihadist organization. As one shrill grandma once dramatically shrieked, “What difference does it make?” I submit that it only matters to the collectivist bureaucrats and politicians, not to the individual victims of these massacres.

If a loved one is dead or maimed, what possible difference could it make, to learn whether a rabid Jihadi was following the orders of their beloved god Allah directly, or via one of its vicious packs? In either case, it is their fundamentalist religious beliefs and well documented goofy dogma, motivating their suicidal ‘martyrdom missions.’ So why do these irrational Jihadist’s affiliations seem to matter so much, to the so-called ‘authorities?’

First, it is important to understand that without the threat of a formidable external enemy, it is difficult to convince sheeple that they need shepherds and/or rulers. Yet, their flocks of increasingly dumbed down sheeple, are no longer sophisticated enough to recognize aberrant ideology itself, as an existential threat. The rulers must demonize an organization and its leader, to provide an identifiable entity to fear. Consider these as the wolf packs and their alpha males.

Once identified and sufficiently demonized as evil incarnate, the sheeple naturally expect their rulers to protect them from the currently vogue enemy. With the billions of tax dollars invested in the effort, why does it take years to eliminate a Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, et al? Even minor failures, call into question the value of the shepherds/rulers to the skittish herd. Major successful Jihadist attacks, can cause them to seek better protection. Heaven forbid they might conclude it prudent to arm and prepare themselves, to protect their own families.

Those citizens so inclined toward self-defense, could care less whether a suicidal Jihadi is acting on direct orders of Al Qaeda, ISIS, et al, or just inspired by one of them. The threat to their safety, and their defensive reaction, would be identical either way. For the defenseless sheeple, however, the state has somehow brainwashed them, into believing that they are only responsible for defending against coordinated attacks, well-planned by known organizations, dastardly perverting the ‘religion of peace.’

Since Political Correctness requires that lone wolves’ motives must be considered utterly inscrutable, the intelligence apparatus can’t be expected to apprehend them, before they inexplicably act. It is inexcusable to even notice, the unmistakable profile of the typical Muslim Jihadist, much less investigate or surveil anyone fitting it. Why are we permitting the feckless state to erode our culture, while aggressively defending theirs?

Irrational belief in deities, and special buildings utilized for worshiping them, are foolishly considered sacrosanct in our culture. Considering mosques represent the rabid wolves’ dens, why in the name of Zeus, are they off-limits to the so-called ‘authorities,’ tasked with protecting the sheeple? Are we insane? Oh, that’s right… “That’s not who we are!” Well, hide and watch who our posterity will become, if we lose this ideological contest to the barbarians, who are not so muddleheaded.

While I continue to consider the popular term ‘Radicalized Muslim’ a redundancy, those wishing to understand how ‘lone wolves’ are being inspired and created by the recognized packs, should read today’s remarkable article in UK’s “The Sun” newspaper. One of their investigative reporters, posed as a Muslim sympathetic to the cause of ISIS, to get ongoing online instructions from them, in bomb making, and how, where, and when to carry out a suicide bombing attack in London.

See: ” ‘ANYTHING CAN WORK IF ALLAH HELPS’ Sun investigation exposes ISIS’ sick car bomb bid to strike at heart of UK

AN ISIS jihadi recruited an undercover Sun reporter to carry out a lone wolf terrorist atrocity — targeting Big Ben, London Bridge or a major shopping centre.

Abu Muslim Khurasani ordered our man to get the materials for a car bomb, saying: “Park somewhere busy with many people.”

He spent two months coaching our man on the orders of ISIS’s top recruiter — using the encrypted Telegram messaging app to communicate.

He sent a bomb-making guide and ordered our reporter to get the readily-available materials to make an explosive device and hide it in a car.

A hit-list of targets included Big Ben and London Bridge — before Khurasani settled on a major shopping centre for a Nice-style atrocity.

He said: “Learn from Nice. Get a car you can park somewhere busy with many people — and a gun you can use at the same time…

It is worth the read… ◄Dave►

2 Responses to “Lone Wolf Packs”

  • I liked Newt’s rampage solution to the Muslim problem.

    For Barack Obama and “America is not that way”


  • Chris says:

    One word. Profiling. It works. Ask Israel. The fact that a WWII veteran in a wheel chair has to be harassed just to board a plane dictates that the system is wrong and exists simply for the sake of the system. We have already given up freedom of mobility for safety as well as our privacy. They are winning.

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