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I don’t often share emails; but this one was classic:


I had never heard of a yellow-legged frog; but a quick search confirms that it does in fact exist, and is so rare that it is now on the endangers species list! Anyway, the property owner’s response was simply awesome:




I love it! The Anderson couple are now the leading contenders in my upcoming Citizen of the Year award. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

3 Responses to “This is Classic”

  • Chris says:

    Outstanding! Actually the prices they are asking is cheap. If those yahoos find one frog on that property it will shortly become absolutely useless to the owner. The EPA will declare it a protected habitat and removal of one weed would become subject to a fine. SCREW THEM!

    • Agreed. I could relate a couple of horror stories from my cattle ranching days, about my neighbors battles with the authorities, over endangered species found on their property. Suffice it to say, anytime I saw a daisy blooming on my land, I killed it immediately, before anyone got a chance to see it. My barn cats were also under strict orders, to execute any kangaroo mouse on sight!:D â—„Daveâ–º

  • My brother sent this to me a week or so ago and I loved it.

    The public is beginning to get creative in fighting back…LOL 🙂

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