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Obviously we survived the Netherlands and Belgium. Indeed, the only action we saw was an encounter between Dutch police and a really rough, Muslim looking fellow at the Amsterdam airport that they escorted out (no idea to where).

Otherwise, except for cool and sometimes rainy weather, the trip was great. River cruising is NOTHING like an ocean cruise. There are far fewer people, the crew get to know the guests and they have at least one included tour at every stop. Also, there is open seating in the dining room, forcing guests to get acquainted with each other.

Again unlike ocean cruises, when you stop, a local guide takes you to mostly historical sites and explains what you are seeing — rather than the wall-to-wall junk merchants one encounters at an ocean cruise port.

Once we have saved enough box tops, we hope to take another, longer river cruise. Obviously, we recommend it.

On the surface, the fare might seem a bit steep until you realize that virtually everything you want or need is included (e.g. those tours at each stop, complimentary beer and wine with meals, etc.) By contrast, the ocean cruise lines constantly nickel and dime you until what at first looked like an affordable cruise ends up costing a fortune – else you just stay in your cabin and stare out the window.

The food was good but not great. But, again, far superior to the ocean cruises that more and more serve crap in their dining rooms so that you will choose to use the expensive optional on-board restaurants instead (the river boat had no optional expensive restaurant).


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  • Welcome back, Troy, and we are glad you made it safely through New Arabia. The cruise sounds interesting. I had no idea ocean cruises had deteriorated so much. The last one I took was a Carnival Cruise to Mexico back in the ’80s, which was ostensibly a business trip.

    I was shocked by your remarks on the food. That was probably the best part of the cruise, because the food was superb. They didn’t have any alternative high priced restaurants back then. Even the midnight buffet, was a banquet fit for a king.

    Having had lived in Mexico, I really didn’t feel like a tourist, and easily bypassed all the souvenir peddlers and tourist traps ashore. If we were inclined to want a tour, we just hired a taxi for the day to show us around, and take us to out-of-the-way genuine local restaurants, for authentic cuisine and atmosphere.

    One never needed to stay in the cabin. The entertainment aboard was also first rate. I still remember the combination juggler / violinist / standup comedian. What an act! Although not much of a drinker or gambler, the night club and casinos were certainly adequate. I like to dance, so I generally gravitated to the 24 hr. disco, when nothing else was going on. 🙂

    I don’t recall spending very much money, aboard or ashore; but the whole trip, including round-trip air fare from Hawaii, to the embarkation point in Los Angeles, was paid for by a supplier of mine, as a reward for selling a lot of their high-ticket hardware, in my electronics business. So, it was a pretty cheap vacation, however much pocket money I might have spent. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy Robinson says:

      We know very well how to get past the initial wall of junk merchants. Its just that I don’t appreciate being dumped there to begin with.

      As for the food, cooking being my hobby, perhaps I am harder to please than most but, in the years we have been traveling, the food has deteriorated noticeably. The very worst we have experienced is on Holland America where some of the stuff was literally not fit for human consumption. The best we have experienced is on Celebrity but there has been some deterioration there as well. I have no doubt that on the high-end lines (like Crystal), the food is still quite good — but, we can’t afford them.

      As for Carnival — may the deity help you if you choose them again.


  • Chris says:

    Sounds like you had a great trip Troy. I have always wanted to take a cruise but haven’t gotten to it yet. I had always thought of an ocean cruise but maybe I should rethink. I always see the river cruises in Europe advertised on PBS. Seemed like it would be more laid back than the high party life of an ocean cruise line. It may be a better choice for me being that I don’t do much drinking any more but am inclined to good food and historic sight seeing. Thanks for the tip.

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