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Those from my generation, who may not have had their ears inoculated by a drill sergeant in their youth, might wish to skip this:



…but one is unlikely to find a better indictment of the status quo, and explanation of Trump’s appeal to frustrated and pissed-off Jacksonians, all done in just four minutes. Count on this going viral. If trump could use it as a commercial, he would win in an unprecedented landslide. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

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  • WOW this guy is good … love it!

    Will post immediately thank you!

  • Chris says:

    I like him. Sadly that doesn’t help me feeling that folks like him (and myself) would be the most to be disappointed with a Trump presidency. The higher the expectations the harder the fall. Although not my first choice I would support Trump in a general over any other choice. My expectations for a constitutionally grounded conservative/libertarian administration would be next to nothing.

    • I don’t think you need worry about him actually becoming POTUS. That will be Hillary, unless she is indicted, in which case it will be whoever the DEMs select to replace her. The GOP is already torn asunder, and has almost zero chance of winning in November. Neither side of the split will ever agree to support the other side. If Trump is somehow stopped, his supporters will either talk him into a 3rd Party run, or stay home in November like the evangelicals did last time. If he somehow gets the nomination in Cleveland, the GOPe will refuse to support him, and probably mount their own 3rd Party challenge. Either way, they will split the vote or diminish it to the point that Hillary wins.

      The smart play now for Trump, would be to call the bluff of Romney et al, quit the GOP now, and start the “Great American Party” forthwith. Then name Allen West as his VP choice along with some strategic Cabinet picks, and seriously go after educating and stealing the minority vote from Hillary. It would take work and money; but done right, he could end up with a plurality of votes in the Electoral College! 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      Although your scenario is quite possible I get the feeling Trump just wants to be beat fair and square. Not in a rigged convention but by primary vote. And I say “wants to be” because I still think it was never his intention to actually be president. I don’t know what it is that gives me the feeling but something is telling me he wants to go head to head with Cruz. He’s not a do it half way guy. He wants to prove that he can blow away the competition and not just win by default because he managed 30 or 40 percent in a field of four. Diminished bragging rights aren’t in his game plan. Without a mandate from a majority his whole “winning” mantra is undermined.

      On one thing we completely agree. If the dynamic doesn’t change we will be saying madam president next year.

    • Chris says:

      Interestingly enough though is one point that gives me great pleasure. The GOPe is in the position they have placed the American people in for decades. They now have a choice of backing Trump or Cruz or lose the Whitehouse along with the party. I held my nose and voted McCain. Then I held it again and voted Romney. Time for Them to break out the nose clips or die off completely. If they go to a brokered convention and come out with anyone but a front runner as nominee it will be their death certificate. They’re just dumb enough to nominate Romney again. LOL

      • Larry Andrew says:

        Try Johnson….the backlash against Romney is amazing and is indicative of the disgust with the GOP elite in general. When I moved to flyover country in AZ I was exposed to the deep seated hatred of Obama and the feds in general. As I traveled in the West I realized the extent to which the country is divided betweent he elitism of the urban left and the rest of the country. While it is a losing battle, the “take our country back” folks are willing to fight to the last voter. I think when you see Texas turn blue, the war is lost and there is no return patch.

  • Larry Andrew says:

    It seems clear to me that the Trump movement crosses party lines and his appeal involves issues that transcend the traditional policy differences. This article titled “The Rise of American Authoritarianism” by Amanda Traub covers political science polls and analysis of the phenomenon. I think it is a useful read given the current mess……

    • Thanks for the Link, Larry. It was a very intriguing article, which was well worth the read and contemplation. As science, however, I suspect they all were looking for character flaws among those on the Right, especially in the nature of racism and/or xenophobia, and somewhat making the data fit their hypothesis.

      As an example, when they found a cohort with a low correlation for authoritarianism still supportive of Trump, they concluded that they had a perhaps irrational fear of physical threats from ISIS, Iran, and terrorism, which manifested as authoritarian-like tendencies. Then they condemned Fox News for stoking such fears, when it is the damn government itself, which has kept citizens believing we faced a mortal threat from abroad, from which they were successfully defending us. It is axiomatic that without an enemy, most sane individuals find little need at all for a Federal government.

      Personally, I reject the article’s underlying notion that personal fear is the prime motivator of Trump supporters. Did Outlaw Morgan, in the video above, strike anyone as trembling in fear? Do I strike anyone as afraid, authoritarian, and pining for a strongman ‘leader?’ As a staunch individualist, I consistently bemoan the very notion of needing a leader.

      Pissed off at the status quo, yes; but anxious for a dictator to rule America, hardly. Sick and tired of PC, and politicians coddling whiney malcontents and layabouts, you bet; but that doesn’t mean I want government to round them up. Just stop nurturing them with borrowed funds, which our posterity will be expected to repay. I am cheering Trump on for one reason only, which is to destroy the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly.

      One point I certainly agree with. The ‘two party’ system is effectively over. Call one of them ‘authoritarians’ if it pleases one; but the Republican wing of the duopoly is irreversibly split in two. Whether the Trump supporters end up with the Republican name and the GOPe starts a new third party, or vice versa, the so-called authoritarians are destined to attract a great many Democrats, Independents, and heretofore indifferent citizens to its ranks. Not out of fear; but out of hope for a better future than the Incumbrepublocrats offer. I predict that the GOPe faction, whatever their name, will soon end up as the weakest of the three. â—„Daveâ–º

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