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As the candidate field narrows, things get no better. Just consider a few (to me) obvious aspects of the unfolding story:

On the Democrat side, an appalling number of people are supporting an avowed socialist who promises a utopia that is so obviously impossible that one would think this is some manner of national joke. Except that he actually means it. And many well educated people who, of all people, should know better, are supporting his nonsense. I have no expectation that he will win but the simple fact that he has garnered significant support speaks very poorly of we-the-sheeple.

Of course, the Dems do offer an alternative in the form of one of the most dangerous political criminals in recent history. Even though she is being “investigated”, we can rest assured she has the political clout to remain free, dangerous, and very possibly, our next president.

On the Republican side, the current front runner is a snake oil salesman who is making brash promises that, in reality, could only be fulfilled by a benevolent dictator. Otherwise, no sane voter can really expect that the Courts, the Congress, Mexico and China would go along with even a fraction of the things he proposes. Including several things that actually sound like really good ideas, hence the support he continues to enjoy. If he is elected, the most likely outcome, IMHO, will be an international trade war that will end up harming everyone involved.

Again, there are alternatives, mostly in the form of two loud-mouthed Latinos who come off more like yapping chihuahuas than serious statesmen. Then there are the kindly doctor and the braggart governator, neither of whom has a chance, leaving one to wonder why good money is being spent in continuing their campaigns.

In an attempt at full disclosure, I admit that, in the GOP primary, I support the braggart as he is at least a demonstrably capable administrator. That said, I will no doubt vote for the Libertarian in the general election, especially if it is Gary Johnson whom I greatly admire and support. (I have a long record of supporting lost causes.) In case any of you might wonder about this apparent conflict, the Libertarian Party does not have a primary in Texas so we Libertarians are free to vote in one or the other of the duopoly party primaries.

The longer this goes on, the more it looks like a two-ring circus rather than a serious deliberative process to choose the next leader of the once free world.

However this pans out, I cannot help but believe that the truly appropriate headline on November 9 should be “America – Screwed Again”.

But, as a wise man once said, we will surely get the government we deserve.

Think about it. And try not to cry.

Troy L Robinson

9 Responses to “And The Crap Goes On”

  • Larry Andrew says:

    All well said Troy….we are on the same page with Johnson. he got my vote the last time around also. It is a sad situation but also quite entertaining and an opportunity to see a once in a lifetime political circus.

    The degree to which the Trumpet has ripped the political class apart is amazing. He is a political neophyte with little comprehension of how our system works but that does not seem to matter as his supporters also do not understand the mechanics involved in implementing his promised programs, such as they are.

    Since the choices are so bad, I can only sit back and smile at what we have wrought.

  • Chris says:

    This election cycle will go down in history as the folly of fools. If indeed there is any history to tell when it’s said and done. Rome didn’t fall in a day.

  • A fair analysis, Troy. At this point, I suspect that Hillary will be the next President. We will know more after tomorrow night; but it looks like Trump will win the GOP Primary season, which will tear their Party asunder. More and more GOPe grandees, and conservative pundits alike, are saying they will not support him as the nominee. There is much talk of fielding a third option to run against him and Hillary.

    The irony is delicious. Just a few months ago, the GOPe was demanding that Trump sign that loyalty oath, promising to support the eventual nominee. He agreed, publicly signed it, and now they are the ones threatening to break it. 🙂

    So, I get my desired outcome after all, only it will be the GOPe who actively destroys the Republican Party, and thus the duopoly, once and for all. The downside of the inevitable split, is that Hillary gets to be the next malevolent dictator, ignoring the Constitution and ruling the complaisant sheeple by executive and judicial fiat, for as long as they are willing to put up with it.

    The good news is that the actual revolution, and ultimate dissolution of the Federal government, shouldn’t be that far behind. It will only be considered a folly of fools, Chris, by those who weren’t ready for that decidedly necessary dissolution, and thought that all that was needed to right the sinking ship of state, was to elect a different politician… 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

    • There is much talk of fielding a third option to run against him and Hillary.

      Here is a great example. I don’t know if he is applying for the job; but he makes a pretty good case. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Troy Robinson says:

        There is much talk of fielding a third option to run against him and Hillary.

        We already have one. It is called “Libertarian” and its likely nominee, Gary Johnson, is far more qualified for the job than any in either of the duopoly.


        • The GOPe wants a nominal corruptible candidate, who will play ball with the oligarchy, not a Libertarian. Then, if the conservative social warriors could have settled for a libertarian type, Rand Paul would still be in the race. There is talk of trotting pretty boy Romney out of central casting yet again, if Rubio fails to win Florida… â—„Daveâ–º

      • Here is another example of this thinking. It is rich that the same types who were so worried that Trump would start a 3rd Party, which would assure the Republicans would lose the General, are now seriously contemplating doing the same thing. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

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