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I knew it would be a mistake for me to look too deeply into the Oregon Rancher vs. BLM story. I was pretty sure that I would just get pissed off, over another unconstitutional activity of the Feds, which 95% of the sheeple could care less about. Even knowing better, I foolishly followed this link an old friend sent me. Here is Lavoy Finicum, the supposed hot-headed, out-of-town agitator / militia member / ‘domestic terrorist’ from Arizona, whom the government murdered in Oregon last week:


It is pretty easy to see why they wanted to eliminate him; and I would bet good money it wasn’t because he was a physical threat to the well-armed jack-booted thugs with badges who ambushed him. I also saw the aerial FBI video, which showed him exiting the car at the roadblock and trudging through deep snow, with his empty hands high in the air, surrounded by cops pointing their weapons at him, before they gunned him down. It just makes me sick to my stomach, because he reminds me so much of some of my good neighbors, when I was a cattle rancher myself in the Sierra foothills. I better shut up now, before I say what I really think… â—„Daveâ–º

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