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Seriously, How Can Ted Cruz Supporters Defend This?…“:

Earlier today Ted Cruz sent out a blitz of fundraising emails on the heels of his Iowa victory.  Here’s an example (screen grabbed), and pay attention to the two bullet points Cruz puts at the bottom of email:

<Snipped> Damning graphic evidence of baldfaced lies, with supporting links. Go see for yourself…

This is what we reference when we point out that almost all of Ted Cruz supporters have some weird ideological way to reconcile being lied to based on some odd, possibly religious, need to believe -against all common sense- what is factually taking place.

Even when presented with this factual information which proves, beyond any doubt, that Ted Cruz is lying to his supporters in his campaign letters, somehow they are able to disconnect themselves from the sunlight of truth and retain a belief he’s not lying to them.

It’s odd, really odd.

And yet somehow they will find a way to reconcile this too.  Watch.

I’d say it is reminiscent of a messianic cult.  Halleluiah brothers & sisters… “To God The Glory!” :(  â—„Daveâ–º

6 Responses to “Cruz Control”

  • Chris says:

    I can assure you my support of Cruz has absolutely nothing to do with “to God the glory”. Now that Iowa is done that will tone down anyway. It has everything to do with him being the only one that even hints at putting the constitution first and has at least made a showing to back it up. Is he 100%? Probably not, but I doubt you can find any that is.

    As far as fundraising emails go they go directly to my trash bin and are treated accordingly. The kind of money it takes to mount a decent campaign has to come from somewhere. If those organizations want to give to him I wouldn’t stop them either. Whether it buys them influence remains to be seen. I get the feeling that the odds of it are at least less with Cruz. In the end that’s all I got because you could write the same article about any other candidate. They all rail against lobbyists and special interest while they take corporate money.

    As far as Mitch McConnel’s attorney having a super pac that has supported Cruz Goes? When you hire an attorney do you base your decision on their political views or the quality of their work? He may be an old friend that’s his real estate attorney. Unless of course McConnell has a need for a criminal lawyer. Why would he be compelled to clear his pac’s activities with McConnel? The owner of the garage I use for stuff I can’t do is a Hillary supporter. I still let him work on my car because he does a good job at a fair price.

    • Again, Chris, you are looking for a President to turn things around and somehow repair our shredded Constitution. I am hoping for one that will destroy the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly. As Robert Ringer said in his latest article:

      What all this means is that whoever takes the reins of power a year from now will inherit an unpayable $20 trillion debt, along with a massive bureaucracy over which he will have little control. More to the point, it means that America cannot be “turned around” in U-turn fashion. Like the World Trade Towers, the country is crashing in flames, and the job of rebuilding it can begin only after the fire is extinguished and the debris are removed.

      Let’s finish it off first and then we can start over. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    “I am hoping for one that will destroy the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly.”

    I need to ask Dave. Why would you expect this of someone that navigates within, between, and profits from either side of the duopoly equally? Someone who cares not a wit for the color of the pocket lining as long as it’s an open pocket. The “Incumbrepublocrat duopoly” is the very vehicle that gives such a person the leverage to influence. Without the theater of playing one off the other the show is over. No more need to “make good deals”. “Good deals” are what enshrine the duopoly. To think such a person is going to come in and dump the apple cart is to forget such a person could be anticipating a bumper crop that needs to be delivered.

    • I probably should have stayed with the word ‘candidate,’ rather than ‘president.’ Trump doesn’t actually have to be elected, to do in the Incumbrepublocrats. He is doing a pretty fair job of disassembling the duopoly just by running, and not playing by their rules. A case could be made that he would do even more damage by losing to a GOPe candidate, than by winning. Then, most of the angry electorate supporting him, Cruz, or Carson, would think the establishment had done ‘it’ to them again, and probably be in a very ugly mood. So, it would have been more accurate for me to have said, “You are looking for a ‘candidate’…”

      I’d say from his own personal perspective, Trump has already overturned the apple cart. I would imagine that just his coming right out and admitting that he had been buying these guys for years, has at least hampered, if not terminated, his ability to ever do so in the future. No? â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        ” I would imagine that just his coming right out and admitting that he had been buying these guys for years, has at least hampered, if not terminated, his ability to ever do so in the future. No?”

        Only if you assume that those who would do it and those that would benefit could attach some sort of shame for doing it then actually be affected by said shame. Mr. Trump makes no apology in stating that he does it or any indication that he wouldn’t in the future. He will continue “making good deals”.

        • I don’t think shame is necessary. It is just that such dealings go smoother when not out in the open, where the sheeple might become disturbed by their reality. Obviously, he can no longer be trusted to quietly play the game by the accepted rules, without exposing its nature. Somebody might get hurt… â—„Daveâ–º

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