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St. J9 and I will be attending Freedom Fest 2016, July 13-16 at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV. We will also be attending part of the Atlas Summit (July 11-13 at Planet Hollywood) and the John Stossel program (audience).

Might we see any of you there?

If you plan to go, the early-bird special rate ends on January 31, 2016.

Register at:


5 Responses to “Freedom Fest”

  • Jeannine Daigneault says:

    There’s a special hotel rate for FF attendees. I’ll email you the details if you’re interested – only $109 per night!

  • Chris says:

    That sounds great. Something I would love to do. Always wanted to visit Las Vegas and that would just provide a good reason. Sadly it is beyond my humble means right now. Maybe next year. Hope you have a blast and would love some details when you get back.

    • Troy says:

      Chris, If your means are more humble than mine, I truly pity you (I live on Social Security — month to month). But, I do insist on doing a few things that interest me.

      BTW, I do NOT like Vegas and I don’t gamble (except for driving on TX highways).


      • Chris says:

        Well that’s the thing Troy. Living in NYS you have to add on the cost of two round trip air fare to the trip for me. Last I checked it would be somewhere around $600 or $700 per ticket. That’s a lot of beans and rice meals. 🙂

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