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In addition to the drivel I post here, my aging mind rambles in many other directions – none of them in the least productive, but, at least it helps keep the old gray matter a bit more pliable.

For instance, I was just thinking about another great paradox (doesn’t most of human life seem to be exactly that?). In this instance, it occurred to me that (IMHO) the greatest tool for the enhancement of individual liberty occurred in the latter half of my own life. I refer, of course, to the Internet. Yet, this great tool for enhancement of liberty, via unfettered communication, occurred at the same time that so many people have been dumbed down to the point where they really have nothing worth saying (or hearing). Your typical combined miracle and tragedy. So, the Internet is used, primarily, for useless drivel. Just think of it. At no other time in human history would it be likely that a small group of people, like the participants in this blog – people who will probably never know each other as physical human beings, nevertheless can come together to discuss whatever amuses us.

Then I think – what if the Internet had been invented in the late 18th century? Imagine Tom Paine distributing his pamphlets to the world, not just to a handful of revolutionaries? Imagine that Jefferson could have participated, real time, in the drafting of our Constitution even though he was on another continent and on another mission at the time. Myriad similar examples abound.

Then it occurs to me that it would not have mattered. So, Jefferson’s marvelous insight might have contributed to an even more perfect Constitution. So what? Most of the founders knew at the time that it really did not matter because no body of laws can change human nature. And, a very real part of the nature of the majority of humans is to reject personal freedom at all costs. Being free is simply too much damn work and humans are naturally lazy. It seems that the primary urge of humanity, after the pursuit of sexual activity, is to gain as much as one can with the least expenditure of one’s self.

Most of us willingly and knowingly accept domination by others, particularly when said domination allows us sufficient sexual activity and a subsistence lifestyle.

Then I think about the things we worship. Most among us claim to worship some form of deity. Others reject the existence of a deity. Yet we, collectively, especially in America, have a common religion that few of us reject. Our common religion is WAR. Look at the people we revere. First and foremost, those who excel at WAR. Secondly, those who excel at games that imitate WAR. We flock to movies glorifying WAR and the warrior, buy books glorifying WAR and the warrior, especially when we are on the winning side (although my own recent forebears tend to glorify a WAR that we decidedly lost.)

If one simply stops to apply one’s rational mind to WAR, one cannot possibly escape the realization that it is the most insane activity mankind is capable of.

And it is so completely unnecessary. Mankind can use its native intelligence to control birth rates so that the competition for land and resources is largely unnecessary. By embracing something as simple as THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, we should immediately realize that, because none of can answer the ultimate questions, no human being posses the knowledge or the right to tell any other human being how to live his/her life. By embracing the known value of the free and open exchange of goods and services, we can supply each other with everything needed to get the very most out of our brief sojourns on this Earth – no shots fired in anger required

But, no matter how holy and god-like we humans hold ourselves up to be, in the end, we may well be less worthy of earthly existence that the so-called “lower life forms”. Because we refuse to understand even the simplest concepts even though endowed with the most fantastic biological computing device yet known.

That one more dollar be spent or one more life be wasted trying to defend such creatures from their own folly is an insult to whatever caused us to be here.

Readers of this blog, excepted of course.

Troy L Robinson

3 Responses to “Letting My Imagination Run Free”

  • Troy Robinson says:

    Come on folks — no responses? This rant might not actually make sense but what can you expect from a 73 year old functioning autistic who runs on alcohol, nicotine and opium derivatives?

    BTW Dave, why has the site suddenly decided to constantly log me out? I go into admin mode, log in and everything seems fine. Then, I go into the blog itself and find myself logged out. No doubt somehow I caused but I haven’t a clue what or how.


    • For an attitude adjustment, I would prescribe perhaps a decrease in the alcohol, and an increase in the opium derivatives. You have sometimes been grumpy of late. 🙂

      Aha! I had wondered why you kept logging out, since many of your comments show your full name when you are not logged in. Presuming that you are checking the ‘Remember Me’ box when logging in, the problem is probably in your browser security settings, Troy. The only way the website can know it is you, and that you are already logged in, is to examine the cookies it left in your browser the last time you visited. If your browser is deleting cookies after you close the tab, or upon exit of the browser itself, the next time you visit the site it cannot tell that it is you. You may need to white list the site for cookies. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    It is truly wonderful times we live in Troy. When considering the internet to the founders it would be like them being given the keys and permanent residence in all the great libraries of the world. The freedom to at will walk around any great library and pick any volume off the shelf to browse at any time. The internet puts the knowledge and wisdom of the ages within a keystroke of anyone if one is careful of the source. I suspect the founders would not only be of the most prolific users but the most proficient contributors.

    Bringing to mind a song from the 60’s. War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

    There are two scenarios that will end all war. When those who benefit from it have to actually fight it, or those who don’t benefit from it refuse to. Whenever countries go to war no matter when or where do the common people ever really benefit? Even if you win the war it was fought on the treasure of the people so unless you take spoils greater than the treasure spent it’s still a loss and if you do that treasure never finds it’s way to common folks that fought the war. Not to mention the senseless loss of life. That’s why war always has to be fought for a higher ideal. Whether it’s liberty, justice, or God. That’s why the media has to build a potential enemy up to be a depraved monster prior to engagement. That’s why all soldiers have to be considered brave hero’s for fighting the war. It can’t have anything to do with being forced to go somewhere that has a gang of people trying to kill you and having to take the other poor sucker out before he gets you. That would be too close to truth. (I mean no disrespect to those who have been in the position. You do what you have to do. I don’t speak from experience but know many who do.) If you tell people they have to fight for the interest of a corporate banker you might not get the desired dedication to do what in any other situation would be considered quite insane and inhuman.

    What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!
    With all the information out there on the internet you would think folks would figure that out. The brokers of power moving chess pieces in a stalemate game that they still win simply by making a move.

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