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I was searching the archives and stumbled upon this: I Quit

I think I had actually made it, until my thirst for some intelligent conversation caused me to allow you guys to drag me back into the stinking cesspool. More the pity… â—„Daveâ–º

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  • brauneyz says:

    Interesting read I missed first time around. Little did we know how much worse it would get. ’12 marked the beginning of a very dark time for me as I looked around at my fellow man and damn near vomited daily.

    The Beltway Cowards I kinda get (do whatever to save their jobs), but the peeps? Our peeps? Friends, neighbors, and (gasp) family? The US went off the rails and I’ve been screaming ever since.

    Don’t know that there is a cave deep enough to hide in anymore should HRC be elected. At this point, I’m kinda looking forward to the GOPe forcing a brokered convention and ramming Paul Ryan down our throats. That ought to be the impetus for mass revolt and finish off the Stupid Party for good.

    Stock up on whatever feeds your vices cuz it’s gonna get ugly!

  • Chris says:

    I remember it well. 2012 was a tough year. It pretty much knocked the stuffing out of everything worth believing in. I have myself pulled back a great deal. I don’t care as much as I used to. Not too much they can do to me at this point. As long as they give me what they foolishly promised me my whole life and religiously extracted from my labor for as long It’s all good. Past that they can forget about me. I no longer worry about the young people. They will just have to get through the world as we leave it the same as we got through what was left to us. I have no guilt, It wasn’t for not trying but it’s those very young people that reject what I’m selling. So be it.

    I don’t even bother much with my website. Tspeak has become pretty much a personal blog where from time to time I post just to keep some fresh content there. I have some ads on it and it makes me a few shekels every once in a while. When I look back there’s some really good stuff there. LOL A substantial portion of visitors are Russian. I don’t know what that says but there’s a lot on that site. If I search all the way back to the very first activity post it is “Dec 11, 2011 Dave accepted Chris Magrum friend request.” The activity listing now stands at 6,496 actions with 173 posts. That’s a lot considering we never used the blog platform much. I keep the site for posterity. Well I digress. Don’t even know why I’m talking about it.

    The revival here has been quite refreshing. Not a constant barrage of this candidate and that one. He said she said, this one offended and that one. I’m weary of politics. I have settled on one guy and don’t see that changing. Past there I will use my one man one vote if the opportunity to vote for him comes up. The rest are either business as usual or a joke being perpetrated by both parties and the media to make conservatives look foolish. And it’s working. I won’t be a part of the circus. As a side note I just read that Rand Paul will be suspending his campaign. That’s a good thing. Get away from the carnival show and back to work as a libertarian voice in the senate where he can actually do some good.

    As I said I do still post from time to time on my site and if your interested I invite you to drop by. My latest titled “Trump – Where critical thinking goes out the window” You all know where to find it.

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