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So, the totally predictable, indeed, the inevitable has happened yet again. This time in Paris. Next time ?? And we (or, at least our “leaders”) still try to act surprised.

The one terrorist captured alive now claims, not only to having been recruited by ISIS/ISIL but also to being a “Syrian refugee”. Who’d-a-thunk-it.

The latest proposal I am aware of is to allow 50,000 of these “refugees” into the USA. Now, let us be optimistic and suppose that only 1% of these “refugees” is actually an ISIS/ISIL convert bent on destruction. That would mean the intentional importation of 500 terrorists into our country. Now, consider the mayhem that 8 such just caused in Paris then multiply that by 60 and you begin to get some idea of the Obamanation’s latest proposed “gift” to America.

I realize that this monster’s term is supposedly coming to an end. Yet, seeing the amount of damage that can be done in a single day, then compounding that by the 600 or so days he has left in office, and…

He needs to be stopped immediately! We sent a GOP majority to the Congress to do just that. Now, let us demand that they get to it NOW or risk being replaced in the coming election. We have gotten rid of Boehner, which is a step in the right direction – but only a step, not a journey.

Think about it. Then please start a campaign to bombard your congressmen and senators with your demands for action.

Troy L Robinson

9 Responses to “The Real Tragedy Is That We Are Still Surprised”

  • Jerry Elkins says:

    Troy. How many came across the Rio Grande? We all know except the unwashed hard core (I don’t have to work democrats) still support the gay muslim White House resident. We also know McConnell needs to be replaced as majority leader. We know there are several RINO’s in the house and senate. Two running for President. I also believe there are ISIS cells already in the US. Are you safe in Whitney? Likely. Large city. Not so much. Will OBlunder stop his muslim loving agenda? Not a chance. He is one. He has done a great deal to further ISIS causes. Will congress do anything except talk on camera? Not a chance until a couple hundred Americans die in a large US city. Putin has done more to hurt ISIS in a month than the US Navy has done in a year. How is it possible for these savages to ride down the road in Toyota PU trucks and not be seen by the Navy? ISIS has thousands of fighters. Obama sends a big 50 to Syria. I know our men are good, but WTF?

    • Troy says:

      Are we safe in Whitney? I doubt it. Until/unless Islam is defeated, nobody is safe anyplace.

      The fact that one does not live directly in a large population center does not mean that one is not critically dependent on them. Almost all of our distribution networks are hub-and-spoke arrangements with major population centers serving as the hubs. I doubt even the most ardent “survivalist” can long exist in some manner of isolation. For instance, I am totally dependent on prescription medications which are virtually impossible to stockpile in significant quantities. So, even if I have food, water and fuel for a long siege, I will likely die soon anyway.

      The truth is that none of us are islands. We are social animals who exist due to countless symbiotic relationships. If the entire human race does not awaken to this fact, and soon, we are doomed. I, for one, suspect it is already too late. But, I try to live as though there is still hope because that is the only rational option.


      • I haven’t read any survivalist literature for years; but I suspect they have ways around the prescription issue. Back when I was into blue water sailing, cruising sailors had no difficulty putting together a first aid kit with a couple years worth of prescription meds, including antibiotics and narcotics, for a round the world cruise. Just find a doctor who understands your need. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Stay the hell away from large population centers, especially those condoning and or harboring Islamic immigrants, refugees or not. Over a year ago, the ever-lucid professor Craig Biddle penned the naked truth:

    …complaining to feckless politicians isn’t going to accomplish squat, Troy. The dominant Progressive’s foolish sense of ‘who we are’ will not allow our civilization to do what would be necessary to stem this invasion, by the hostile forces of the growing Islamic Caliphate. Sooner rather than later, we rational citizens are going to have to systematically eradicate these helplessly brainwashed vermin ourselves… or accept that our posterity will eventually be on their knees facing Mecca 5 times a day, praying to Allah… most likely in Spanish. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      I am currently reading the most informative book I have yet encountered. It is: The Vision Of The Appointed — Self-Congratulation as a Basic for Social Policy. I cannot recommend it too highly.

      As to staying away from population centers, that was our intent in moving to Whitney, TX, although, at the time, our concern was more with urban meltdown than terrorism. Turns out, we are only about 70 miles from a Sanctuary City (Dallas). As you know, there was recently a serious Muslim attack in a Dallas suburb (Mesquite). I am not sure there is really any place to run, much less to hide.

      Your “naked truth” article was right on BTW. The West is at war with Islam. Period. Islam knows this as is pursuing it with vigor. The West still has its collective head where the sun does not shine.

      I still suspect that BHO has hopes to become the new Caliph. You mention his homosexuality as a barrier. Please do not forget that, under Islamic law, any and all prohibitions can be overlooked if doing so meaningfully furthers the cause of global domination.

      A thermonuclear exchange with and/or within the Middle East is now assured, thanks to BHO. Don’t you think he will accumulate major “Allah Points” for bringing that to fruition?


      • You should have mentioned the book was written by Thomas Sowell. Usually, when a book is recommended, I download and read a ‘sample’ of it to my Kindle before deciding to invest in it. When I saw the author, I just went ahead and bought it, because none of his books (or any others you have recommended, for that matter) have ever disappointed me. 🙂

        I have only read about 2.5 chapters as yet; but I already concur with your characterization of its value. He is certainly onto something and, as usual, articulates it well.

        As for the Obamessiah as Caliph, I still don’t see it. I understand the principle of ‘Taqiyya’ permitting deception with infidels to advance Islam; but I am not sure lying to hide one’s perversions would be considered acceptable Taqiyya. I can see the necessity of the deception in order to get elected; but when all is said and done, he is still a queer, and Allah thinks queers are abominations, who should be stoned to death… or perhaps thrown off tall buildings. 🙂

        Then again, with the huge number of queers in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, it is only a matter of time until one is selected as Pope, if it hasn’t happened already. Both religions seem to condone the buggering of little boys, to avoid the the natural instinct to wish to breed with females. It is curious then, why they condemn such behavior between consenting adults; but true believers of any faith have never struck me as very rational. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

      • I cautioned you to stay away from large population centers, Troy; so where did you go for Thanksgiving!! I trust you are far away from San Bernardino by now? â—„Daveâ–º

        • Troy says:

          We were in Apple Valley — about 1 hour drive from the scene of the attack. But, back in chilly Texas now.


        • I know. It is just that when I ask my feeble mind where Apple Valley is it replies “out by San Bernardino.” Thus, when a terrorist attack there popped up in the news, it reminded me of this thread and gave me an excuse to poke at you. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

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