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Worth watching and pondering:


If you don’t know Trevor Loudon, you should:

We tend to be myopically focused on Islam these days; but I reckon it is a mistake to ignore this message. When one thinks about it, whether the Obamessiah is or is not a Muslim, the evidence from reading his own autobiographies overwhelmingly suggests he is a committed Marxist. As Loudon points out, he could not get a security clearance to clean the toilets on an American military base! Joe McCarthy must be spinning in his grave… â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    Very interesting speech and indisputably true — especially the part about the Vietnam War.

    I once had hopes that a revolution might save the Republic but, the stupidification program has worked so effectively for so long even that is no longer possible.

    If a glimmer of hope remains, it is for the military to act. The regime understands that all to well though — that is why really popular commanders such as McChrystal, Petraeus and the like are being disgraced and dismissed on such flimsy grounds.

    A purely practical assessment of our situation is that all that remains is a formal declaration of the suspension of our Constitution and the implementation of dictatorship.

    Then, the purges begin…


    • Agreed. I’m afraid it is too late for the military too. They have been waiting for us ‘Nam era vets to get too old to fight and/or die off. Unfortunately, most soldiers today are too accustomed to authoritarianism and the notion that the Federal government is everyone’s boss/provider to ever consider a coup. As you suggest, any General officer that might even consider it has already been purged.

      RIP our once-proud Republic. It just is no more… â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    Been going on for a century. What we have left is an illusion. It’s actually a testament to the founders that it lasted this long.

    A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” (Benjamin Franklin)

    237 years. It won’t make another 20. I thank the Lord I will be too old to worry about it if around to worry at all.

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