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Pat Condell finds no reason to show respect for the ‘faith’ of others, and explains why rather succinctly:

Then, Stephen Fry explains even more succinctly why if the faithful are correct about the existence and nature of their god, it is a monster that in and of itself deserves no respect:

While I completely agree with both of these fellows, I am particularly taken with the elegance with which Fry made his case. The nonverbal reaction of the interviewer to some of his statements was priceless! Too bad the Freedom Torch website appears to be defunct. I would have loved to post these there and observe the reaction of the Piously Correct (PC) crowd that once haunted that forum. A clever poll asking which one made the better case for rational thought, could have been most interesting. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

One Response to “Respectable or Contemptible?”

  • Troy says:

    Enjoyed them both and could not agree more. Every day we advance into the future, the whole notion of religion — all religions — becomes ever more obviously incorrect. Indeed, it is relatively easy to explain how the view of god projected by all Earthly religions cannot possibly be true. Of course, the recipient of such information must be willing to absorb and process it in order for the thought to successfully transfer.

    Alas, we are once again defeated (for now) by the “stupidification” of America.


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