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As should be clear to anyone paying even the slightest attention, our “reigning” president’s behavior seems to become ever more bizarre, irresponsible, unconstitutional, and detrimental to the nation, possibly to the entire world. Of course, there are various attempts in the media and in political circles to explain this behavior.

Among the explanations frequently offered, we hear that Obama is disengaged, that he is incompetent, that he is bored (being the head of the greatest nation in history is SO beneath his capabilities as the story goes), etc., ad nauseam.

Any and/or all of these may be true, at least so some extent. However, I sincerely doubt that they actually explain the motivation for Obama’s behavior.

On the one hand, I ask you to think back over all the cruel and ugly stereotypes blacks, especially black males, have had to endure in our nation– that they are lazy, shiftless, dishonest, unreliable and, worst of all, prone to operate outside established law. Now, consider Obama’s behavior in office. At various times, he seems to have gone out of his way to act in accordance with every one of these stereotypes. Why?

Add to this his continuing attempts to grab power that is constitutionally allotted to the other 2 branches of government. Why?

Then, not only does he grab power that rightly belongs to Congress, he goes out of his way to ridicule and humiliate members of Congress in the process. Why?

Obama seems never to pass up an opportunity to encourage political and ethnic disharmony among the people he presumes to lead. Why?

As we approach a mid-term election in which pollsters predict the opposition party will take control of the Senate, while keeping control of the House of Representatives, his behavior seems to become even more bizarre. Why?

Allow me to offer a possible answer to all these “Whys”. I suspect Obama and his cohorts are intentionally trying to provoke the American people into demanding action against him by the Congress – probably in the form of impeachment.

It is obvious that, so long as Harry Reid and the Democrats are able to control the Senate, no impeachment charge could possibly achieve a conviction, ergo the GOP leadership in the House know better than to embarrass themselves by trying. But, in early 2015, with GOP control of the entire Congress and with an increasing number of voters demanding that something be done, the GOP may well feel themselves compelled to risk an impeachment.

IMHO, that is exactly what Obama and company are hoping for. Why? This time the answer is very simple. Any serious attempt to remove Obama from office would almost assuredly trigger massive riots in most or our major cities. This, in turn, would present that long sought-after condition for a declaration of martial law nationwide. Once said declaration is in effect, we will have become a dictatorship, plain and simple. Most probably, some manner of civil war would soon follow – a civil war in which freedom-loving Americans would stand little chance of prevailing.

No doubt some of you who have agreed, to whatever extent, with my analysis so far will dispute this last assessment. My response is that your should never underestimate the corrupting power of the promise of power and wealth, even when that promise is actually false.

The only other possible outcome of ongoing events is that the Congress and the Courts simply continue to allow Obama’s power to grow, unchecked. In this case, he becomes dictator by default. Same outcome as above, only without the riots and the martial law.

You may further note that this analysis contains no suggestion of a response on our part. This is because I consider the situation too far gone for any effective action.

Consider that, despite several years of Obama acting as a pseudo dictator, with most of our international respect gone, with much of our military might intentionally forfeited, with our economy in shambles, nearly half of our citizens still approve of Obama’s job performance.

Can you spell “hopeless”?

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

4 Responses to “Disengaged, Incompetent or Provocateur?”

  • Tspeak says:

    Troy I’m going to copy a reply to someone I just made on FB regarding the current foreign policy situation and the difficulties it would propose to a new administration. I think it fits here too.

    “What we have for the next two years is a scorched earth strategy. It will be so bad that nobody will be able to fix it. From health care to foreign relations. It will all be in ruins. The radical fundamental transformation where only an over reaching totalitarian government can maintain order and the people will clamor for it.”

    “Those who would give up Essential Liberty
    to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
    deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
    :Benjamin Franklin

  • Jerry Elkins says:

    You weave a good story Troy. However I don’t agree with your assessment. I believe Obama is incompetent. He is not qualified to be President of a high school cake walk club. He was elected the first time because he is black. Voters didn’t know he was inept. Then he gave away free stuff. Come one, come all. Then he was elected the second time by fraud and the white and other races didn’t bother to vote. They didn’t want a experienced white President that was rich because somehow that would make them poor. Well they got poor with a community organizer that voted present in congress and has zero smarts and has not learned a thing. President of anything is well over Obama’s head. Everytime the “daisy boy” dances down the steps of AF One and salutes a serviceman at the bottom I want to puke.

    Someone is pullings Obama’s strings. We may never know who. Most Americans know he is a fraud. Except the folks in Ferguson and other deadbeats riding the system. But they can only wave their hands and chant with dumb signs. They wouldn’t last ten minutes against the millions of real Americans.

    We will make the USA what it was before Obama. He will be remembered as the dumbest President ever elected. And democrats, blacks, and mainstream media should hang their head in shame. A few are waking up. More will.

    My take anyway.

    • Troy says:

      Thanks for responding. Let me begin by saying that you may well be absolutely correct in your analysis. The reason I take a different view is that, whatever abilities a person might bring to the office of president, the fact is that he or she has access to more information and more expertise than anyone else on this earth. True, a given president may choose to ignore some or all that is made available, but to do so is a conscious choice — a choice driven by some motivation. Obama can pretend that he gets most of his information from the public press, just as you and I do, but this simply is not true. Ergo my analysis that Obama (and his closest advisers) know exactly what the are doing and why the are doing it.

      I do agree with you that there are powerful people, as you say “pulling his strings”. Whether these people will choose to let Obama continue in power or will try to replace him with someone else (as in Hillary) remains to be seen. It is also unknown (to me) the extent to which Obama may think himself powerful enough to slip off his leash and follow his own interests.

      As to whether we “real Americans” will eventually wise up and rise up to make things right again, I seriously doubt it. Currently, around 50% of us directly depend on government for our sustenance and are unlikely to make waves for fear the gravy train might derail. Add to that the millions who are totally uninformed and/or totally disengaged and we are left with far too few to make any meaningful difference.

      Never forget that those deadbeats who seem able to only wave signs and chant slogans can also be used to create unimaginable chaos when they are manipulated effectively.

      This is another case where I hope that I am mistaken — but, I remain to be convinced.


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