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Quite a while ago, I wrote that one way to tell that we are near the end of our freedom (i.e. that our government has become tyrannical) is when those in charge no longer even attempt to explain their actions.

I believe this is the case with the current IRS debacle. Everyone involved knows that nobody actually believes the lies put up concerning e-mails and such. Offering a childish and insulting explanation is simply their way of saying “F You”. And, there is actually nothing we can do about it.

Why the GOP nuts keep calling the same people before committees, asking the same questions over and over and getting the same “F You” response over and over is something I truly do not understand. Can’t they understand how useless it makes them look? Oh, right! If they get really mad about it, they will turn the offending witness over to Eric Holder! That will teach them.

Much is said (mostly on FOX) about the incompetence of the Obamanation administration. I disagree. They are doing exactly what the Obamanation promised to do (in his books) long before taking office. He intended to punish the United States and, I say, he is doing a damn fine job of it. IMHO, he (and his cohorts) should be tried for high treason.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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