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Seems America just can’t speculate too much regarding Bowe Bergdahl… Was he mistreated by the Taliban or was he their buddy? Did he convert to Islam or did he perhaps try to spread the doctrine of some other faith among them? Was he on the soccer team or in a metal cage? Etc., etc.

I find that I really don’t care. I further find that trying to invoke sympathy for this person is rather like feeling sorry for a robber who injures himself while breaking into your home.

The apparent fact, if we are to believe virtually all of those who were present when it happened, Bergdahl willingly left his military posting, in a war zone and while hostilities were ongoing. Whatever happened next, I find totally beside the point. The offense charged is a capital offense under military law and, if proven true, should be promptly invoked.

If there is any other rational explanation for this person’s actions, I sure wish that someone (outside the Obama administration) would explain it to the rest of us in terms that are credible.

Irrespective of whatever Bergdahl may or may not have done, is there any possible justification for sending 5 known terrorists out to commit further atrocities? Indeed, is it too much to ask why these people were not long since tried and executed for crimes against humanity rather than being kept in style in a tropical retreat?

(As an aside, has it occurred to any of you that, had the veterans who died while awaiting treatment at various VA facilities instead been sent to Guantanamo, they would have gotten superb health care in a well managed facility rather than being left to die?)

On a related but broader topic, is it just me or is the Obamanation symbolically giving America the middle finger salute in virtually all of his recent actions? He seems, clearly to be saying to us all, and particularly to the Congress, “I will do whatever I please and there is not a damn thing you can do about it!”

Please excuse me if this sounds racist (it is not meant to be) but if the current president were a Caucasian male, acting in the same manner, he would long since have been impeached. Is the state of race relations in this nation at that point where the nation as a whole must suffer endless abuse of office on the part of the president simply because calling him to account might seem racist? I can’t help but think that the only ones of our citizens who would say “yes” are, in fact, themselves motivated by racism.

Will this abuse never end or must our nation itself end instead?

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

3 Responses to “Let’s Make A Deal”

  • Jeannine Daigneault says:

    It’s a sad commentary on the state of our nation, and on the state of the awareness level of the citizens of this country that many don’t have a clue about what is going on. How else can one explain Obama’s steady 40% favorable rating? Do they really understand what he is doing? Yet, these “low information” individuals vote when election day rolls around. I daresay it is not limited to people of color. Everyone is looking for “free Obama money”, and advertisers haven’t missed the opportunity. Have any of you seen the “Obama has lowered mortgage rates” advertising in your favorite online games? Have you EVER seen any president’s policies reflected in advertising? The fact that this advertising works supports my “nation of idiots” theory. Sad indeed.

  • Chris says:

    The questions about Berghdal are a distraction. They have no bearing on the actions of Obama. He is a member of the military and as such the military should and will deal with him as seen fit.

    Yes Troy, Obama is giving the country the middle finger. The race excuse is also nothing but a distraction. The reason he can get away with it is that the senate leadership and the DOJ are also extending the same fabled digit to us all as well. The radical progressives hold enough key positions to thwart any accountability with the help of their sympathetic press. Any democrat push back you see right now is being allowed to give cover to nervous dems with midterm elections to win. Nothing can hurt Obama and what anybody thinks means little to him or his enablers.

  • Mut says:

    Hey Troy,
    I’ve been very busy, but I’m back now. This is Greg 🙂
    Okay, to answer your question on Berghdal:
    1) Yes, the irony of Gitmo vs. the VA are dripping. It should come to your great satisfaction then, that many candidates running, on both sides of the either, in nearly every position, want to fix that situation.
    2) In terms of “giving the middle finger?” I err, as you know, on the side of naivety. I want to say that, yes, he is “giving the middle finger,” but that he also did not vet the vessel (Berghdal) through which he decided to give America the bird.

    In terms of impeachment (and I say this through the lens of “this is the way I see the system” vs. “this is what should happen”):
    As it stands, Republicans would NOT impeach. This is an era of one-upsmanship and getting the better of your opponent, winning points, and so on. This political atmosphere is despicable, absolutely. However, with all of that being said, with that in mind, I do not believe that Republicans would impeach. This is because they could not -remove- him and, as a result, Obama would go “haha, I told you so,” and the risk is that he would feel even MORE invulnerable and lead to even more “giving the middle finger” scenarios.

    What say you?

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