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I am well aware that we are rapidly approaching the demise of America. If the last five years have not inspired the ruling class to do something to prevent the coming total crash of our economy and bankruptcy of the Federal government, nothing will. It is only a matter of (a short) time before we devolve into civil war/revolution (same thing) and the chances of holding it together until the mid-term election in ’14, much less the chance for a reset in ’16, are almost nil. Thus, wasting any time on anything other than preparing for the inevitable martial law looming on the horizon, is precisely that – a waste of time.

However, I am as prepared as I need to be at my age, so permit me to waste some time (as if we had a viable future), on a rather insignificant issue. On the other hand, if pondering it causes others, who may not be as psychologically prepared for what is coming as I am, to grasp the implications of Obama’s promised ‘civilian security force,’ then perhaps it is not such a waste of time, or so insignificant. I would like to suggest that we start a movement to totally defund and eliminate the National Park Service (NPS).

I am by no means the only one who has been outraged at these wanabe petty tyrants. The obvious relish with which they have been executing their egregious orders, to ‘make it hurt’ the taxpaying citizens, during the quasi-shutdown of the Federal government for the past couple of weeks, is truly disgusting. Somehow, they have lost sight of the fact that our national parks belong to the people, who are only paying them as caretakers and janitors to keep them tidy.

Who the hell gave these idiots badges, guns, and swat gear – and why have we permitted it? When I was a kid, Smokey the Bear was a kindly fellow with a shovel, asking us to be careful with matches, not a jackbooted thug with an assault rifle putting up barricades to keep us out of our own forests and monuments. There were no armed Federal agents in our national parks in those halcyon days of my youth. Such armed peace keepers as might ever be required, were provided by the patrolling deputies of the local County Sheriff.

The steady encroachment of the Federal government, confiscating the majority of States’ undeveloped real estate out here in the West, has been a bone of contention for some time. Now, the Feds are trying to give it away to the UN anyway. It is high time we reversed this trend and returned all national parks, forests, and BLM lands to the States, who rightfully own them. The States in turn could lease them out to private enterprise, to manage at a profit both for themselves and the people of the States.

The cost of day use fees or a season pass, would be infinitely cheaper to pay, than the taxes wasted on the Federal bureaucracy supposedly managing them for us. The current arrangement at Yosemite Valley, is a classic example of the wisdom of such an arrangement. How the States choose to manage them, however, is really none of the Fed’s business. The important thing is to wrest control away from them, before they decide to sell some them off to foreigners (e.g. Chinese) to pay down the national debt, rumblings of which I have heard coming from Sodom by the Potomac of late.

In any case, the arrogant fools in the NPS have earned all the grief they can get. Turn about is fair play. Let’s make a lot of noise about making them the first Federal department to eliminate, in the austerity measures that will be required, to bring our national budget back into balance, and the Federal bureaucracy back under control. Then we can turn our attention to the out-of-control TSA and the entire Homeland Security bureaucracy. This could be fun. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    Seems a winner to me. Let the States lease the parks to private businesses that will run them at a profit, part of which can be used to maintain the parks.

    Next, I would eliminate the department of food stamps (a.k.a. Agriculture).

    Indeed, there is no end of what could be eliminated to the betterment of the Republic.

    If that yellow tailed bunch called the GOP would stand firm on not raising the debt ceiling, some of this might actually start to happen.


  • Troy says:

    BTW, I assume the “arrogant fools” were ordered (by the White House) to do what they did, just as I assume the DOD was ordered to cease funding the families and funerals of the war dead.


    • Of course! Who else would have specified, “Make it hurt!” That is classic Valerie Jarrett rhetoric, and she is the one who issues the orders… or not (Benghazi), as the case may be. â—„Daveâ–º

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