PostHeaderIcon When Are We “Officially” A Dictatorship?

It seems that the evidence of our essential rights being trampled by our own government is turning from a trickle to a flood. Please read this article as a for-instance:

Clearly, our beloved Constitution is now nothing more than a historical document – a fragment describing what once was but which is no more.

And, as if it could not get any worse, we now see the lame-stream media already starting a campaign to ensure Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, assuming the Obamanation actually steps down at the end of his current term, an event I am by no means certain will occur.

Imagine this… our once free press already clamoring for the “election” of a person who long since should have been executed for her manifold crimes against the American people!

For those who might wonder what crimes I refer to, here are but a few: probable multiple murders while she was the wife of the Attorney General then Governor of Arkansas (no, she did not do the murders by her own hand but was complicit in having them done) – these in association with a crime syndicate they were involved in; the probable murder of Vince Foster – or, at least, the cover up of the cause of his death as well as the seizure and probable destruction of whatever information he possessed that led to his death; her role in the Fast & Furious debacle that resulted in the deaths of at least 2 U.S. Agents; her misconduct in her job as Secretary of State that resulted in, among other things, the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya (and several others) along with ongoing attempts at a cover-up. I have no doubt that a skilled investigator could add a number of similar items to this list.

Can their be any serious doubt that Hillary, along with the Obamanation and Attorney General Holder and many lesser members of the regime are guilty of treason? (By the way, I consider blatant violations of both the Constitution and their oaths of office to be forms of treason.)

I think that many of my fellow citizens incorrectly assume that, so long as there is an regime change every four or eight years, we cannot possibly in a dictatorship. For those who harbor such confusion, allow me to remind you that the leadership of the former USSR, the current People’s Republic of China and the current mess that calls itself Russia changes on a fairly regular basis and the change usually includes some manner of sham “election”. Yet, can anyone seriously doubt that all three examples are dictatorships? Can anyone seriously doubt that the “elections” held by these examples are managed such that their outcomes are not in doubt?

I titled this article with the question When Are We “Officially” A Dictatorship?. In past articles, I have suggested that a declaration of martial law would be the definite signal. I am updating my analysis. I now think that we-the-sheeple are making the transition from republic to dictatorship so easy for the tyrants that no such drastic step will be necessary. Indeed, I suspect that, for all intents and purposes, we are already living in a dictatorship.

Our most recent presidential election was most likely decided by fraud and the next, assuming there is a next, promises to be even worse. As noted above, the propagandizing in favor of the tyrant apparently already chosen to replace the Obamanation, should such replacement ensue, has already begun. Meanwhile, the Justice Department (what a perfect oxymoron!) is fighting all attempts by the States to curb election fraud.

For sure, the Stock Market has been going up and many of the sheeple take such as evidence that everything is just hunky-dory. I just learned that the result of crossing a zebra with a donkey is called a “zonkey”. Well, even a zonkey should know that nothing, including the Stock Market, is increasing in true value when the currency by which it is measured is being debased at the same time.

Anyhow, maybe dictatorship is not all that bad. You no longer have to think for yourself, you are not required to accept any responsibility, apparently working is optional because the state will see to all of your needs. The only thing required of you to experience utopia is to surrender your human dignity and your personal liberty. Cheap at twice the price – no?

Comrades, please start thinking for yourselves and quit allowing yourselves to be so easily duped.

Troy L Robinson

7 Responses to “When Are We “Officially” A Dictatorship?”

  • Chris says:

    An oligarchy might best describe our current situation. We are no longer represented but governed. That easily translates to dictatorship as one individual or position consolidates power or leverage over the oligarchs. They then become an army of bureaucrats conducting the dictatorial business. House slaves of their own making to watch over the field workers.

    • Troy says:

      We are no longer represented but governed.

      I think that we are more ruled than governed. Otherwise, I quite agree with you.


      • An important distinction, Troy. I can accept the wisdom of a governor (as long as I can adjust it and/or disconnect it, if I deem it prudent and necessary); but I damn sure insist on my control of the throttle, brakes, and steering wheel. This is one of my beefs with the term ‘rule of law.’ I am the sovereign and cannot be ruled… period. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    There is a very informative article in the June 2013 edition of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor that explains the hows and whys of the recent takedown of the precious metals market. I highly recommend that each of you obtain a copy and read the article.

    If there was ever any doubts that we are ruled by a financial cartel, this should remove them.


    • I find almost everything on his site informative, Troy; but have not pinned down which article you were referring to. Which week in June, and do you have the actual title of it? â—„Daveâ–º

      • Troy says:

        All it says on the document is “June 2013” (it is a free sample I got for attending FreedomFest). The title of the article is: THE GREAT WALL STREET GOLD ROBBERY: THE RECENT TAKEDOWN OF PRECIOUS METALS


        • I give up, Troy. I cannot locate a copy of it. I did find a transcript of a lengthy discussion of the subject, between the author and his son, who does a weekly podcast on the metals markets for the family business, which mentions it. Since the newsletter is a paid subscription, perhaps it is a proprietary piece, and was never published in digital form. The transcript is here:

          I read the whole thing, and suspect I got the gist of it. I later came across the YouTube of it; but since I had already read it, I didn’t listen to it. The father was calling in from the Far East, where he travels regularly and extensively. He was reporting how totally disconnected our financial news sources here in America are, from the realities of world markets. There was a veritable gold rush for physical gold happening over there, with eager buyers lined up in long queues waiting their turn to make a purchase, at considerable premiums over spot gold. They explained how the deliberate take-down of paper gold was manipulated in great detail.

          His Eastern associates were incredibly grateful to the American manipulators for driving down the price of gold, to produce such a buying opportunity. Of course, the American sheeple listening to the American financial press, were simultaneously being deliberately driven into a panic, to induce them to sell. The professional banking traders were making a killing, shorting highly leveraged paper gold with cost free loans, courtesy of the Fed. Paper gold doesn’t exist, and is little more than worthless casino chips, which the high flying gamblers use to fleece the clueless tinhorn marks, who wander into their commodities casino just looking for a slot machine to play.

          Everybody is making a fortune, except the little guy, who naively thinks of gold as an investment, instead of real money, held as a hedge against inflating fiat currency. When the price of gold goes up, it doesn’t mean an investment is doing well; it means the fiat currency is losing value. Unfortunately, when the price is going down, it doesn’t mean the fiat currency is being deflated and gaining in value; it means the sharks are at work with their fleecing shears, gleefully harvesting the latest crop of sheeple, with wool so long it covers their eyes… â—„Daveâ–º

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