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Some time ago, in this blog, I opined that one way to tell that tyrants are becoming secure in their position is that they cease trying to cover up their lies and their misdeeds.

It that not exactly the situation in these United States today?

Today, we are seeing evidence of activities on the part of out-of-control government that, in past days, would have caused people to take to the streets in anger and disgust. Yet, various members of the regime, whether before legislative committees, before what passes for “the press” and in other public venues, give responses to legitimate questions that range from blatant lies to wise-guy responses that are the verbal equivalent of raising the middle finger in the questioner’s face. And there is virtually no meaningful response. Especially from we-the-sheeple.

Consider the testimony of then IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman when asked why he had been cleared to visit the White House 157 times. His response, to a committee of Congress, was that he was taking his kids to the Easter Egg Roll. (Translation – up yours!)

Then we have IRS official Lois Lerner who comes before this same committee, makes a speech proclaiming her innocence of any and all wrongdoing, then invokes her 5th amendment right against self incrimination rather than answer any questions from the committee. (Translation – up yours!)

And, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, angrily responding what difference does it make when asked about the persistent lie that the Benghazi attack, which killed 4 Americans including our Ambassador to Libya, was incited by a YouTube video rather than having been a well planned terrorist attack. (Translation – up yours!)

Meanwhile, the both the Obamanation and his Attorney general lie with impunity to virtually every question then are asked – and are pretty much allowed to get by with it. (Translation – up yours!)

At this point, it is clear that the most recent presidential election was decided by a combination of various kinds of fraud. Yet, to my knowledge, nobody of any consequence, even at FOX News, has dared to even hint at such a thing. One must assume that the investigation of and implied charges against James Rosen did have a purpose after all – and that it was effective.

My overall point being that we are in a dire situation that is crystal clear to anyone who bothers to simply look and think. Yet, the few of us who still seem to care are ignored as if it is we who are thinking and doing wrong. As if we were the liars, the manipulators and the tyrants. And, there are those times that I suspect that, indeed, I must be insane. That what I think I see is simply to improbable to be real. That the country could not continue to function as well as it does if all I see were real.

Then another part of my obviously defective mind wonders what really is so bad about a benevolent dictatorship (assuming it will get no worse than that)? It would seem that all one must do is agree with whatever crap the blessed leader spouts from his/her foul mouth (or the foul mouths of his/her followers) and, in return, one gets the basic requirements of life, freedom from any and all responsibility, and is even allowed to amuse one’s self with mind-altering chemicals, consequence-free sex, and endless leisure. What more could anyone what?

What is freedom anyway but endless work, crushing responsibility, and one worry after another? In fact, is a group of humans actually superior to a herd of cows? If so, how and why?

Looking toward the near-term future, some questions still remain. One that interests me (although I tend to forget why) is whether the Obamanation will appear to relinquish power at the end of his current term so that another puppet (Hillary?) can be put in his place or whether he will be proclaimed president for life? Then I ask myself – does it matter?

In retrospect, it is abundantly clear that the world (or at least the modern portion of it) has been ruled for years by some near invisible person or persons. My own theory is that it is an international financial cartel of which our own Federal reserve is a major element. But again I must ask – does it matter? (Could it be that Hillary actually stated the one remaining universal truth – that it really does not matter?)

Having said all this, it should be obvious to anyone reading this that the main reason I seldom contribute to the several blogs lately is that I have simply run out of anything meaningful to say.

For now, I will shut up until such time as my need to say something – anything – overrides the fact that I have nothing to say.

At least, by posting such dribble, I let you all know that I am still here, watching all of us being proven correct and not enjoying even a moment of it.

Troy L Robinson

3 Responses to “What More Can Be Said?”

  • Understood, Troy. Thanks for checking in. For your consideration:
    Don’t Worry – Be Happy
    …I found it uplifting. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      There is a obvious flaw in the claims RE: Benghazi that, to my knowledge, no one in the media has bothered to note… those responsible for the security there claim there was no way to get help, particularly warplanes, there in time to help. Yet, they were somehow able to get a done there in time to watch the whole tragedy on TV!

      They feed us crap and we lap it up like hungry dogs!

      Had such happened in the REAL America of yesterday, those responsible would have been hanged (as they deserved to be) rather than given a platform for constant lies to the American people.

      My friends, all I can ask now is that you join me in lamenting the fall of our republic.


  • Chris says:

    I understand completely Troy. There was a time when I thought I could make a difference. I thought that if I just told enough people. If enough people just knew it would all stop. Alas now I find that they just don’t care. Now I still follow the news and post on events but mostly out of amusement taking personal solace in saying I knew that. I saw it coming. My time is more than likely 75% in the past. How much can it hurt me? Those who have an investment in the future will have to deal with the future I have no way of changing.

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