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This needs to go viral. I concur completely:


They can have the country. I will take back my life.

It is our misfortune that the political class – elected officials [public sector unions], consultants, pundits and hacks of every stripe – has transformed our nation's Constitutional government and therewith our polity and civl discourse into a stinking cesspool of constant conflict. As a consequence, their campaigns to attain office, their method of gaining power over YOU and me, have degenerated to the point where their most successful tactic is to make 50.1% of your neighbors hate, resent and demean you.

With their unintelligble tomes of laws, with their divisive rhetoric and gargantuan government programs, they have destroyed every hint of civility among men of good will. I, as you, hate none of my friends, neighbors or countrymen. Conversely, I grow weary of being the target of vitriol and the victim of vile attacks merely because I dare to renounce the false premise and immoral rationale behind every act of government beneficence.

I resent that our government [and the mass media] perpetuates the destructive, inhumane lie that a stranger's need or misfortune is a mortgage on my life. I detest that our elected officials enact illegitimate laws that collect tribute from me to be doled out according to an unknowable formula that varies according to which man or group is best at licking the boots of the thieves or adept at avoiding, outrunning or siding with the plunderer.

I deserve better. You deserve better. We were each born free. They have deprived us of our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for long enough. I swear to you on my life, my fortune and my sacred honor, that I will not suffer their tyranny another day.

Join me. Scream louder.”

— Jeffrey T. Neal, Washington, D.C., November 4th, 2012.


Hear, hear! Bravo, Jeffrey! Count me in, neighbor. I note with interest that this was written just before the carefully scripted kabuki theater they called an election, but it encapsulates my current mood better than anything I have read since that travesty. We have truly reached that awkward stage, when it is too late to save our country by working within the system, yet too early to start shooting the bastards. Until then, it is time to tune out and get back to life… â—„Daveâ–º

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