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Have we yet seen enough wreckage to realize that the GOP is defunct, and has been since the Reagan era?

Indeed, the only thing that has even hinted at GOP success since then was the election of Bushes I and II who were actually neo-socialists pretending to be political conservatives.

As we observe the train wreck pretending to be a party today, we see disorganized mess that lacks leadership and that has no real message other than the social-conservative nonsense that: a) has no place in national politics, and, b) alienates the majority of the electorate.

Is it not past time for a coalition of fiscal conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians to take control of what remains of the GOP, force the social conservatives out, and build a party that truly reflects the position of main-stream America? Such a position would be fiscally conservative and socially liberal – a position offered today only by the Libertarian Party (of which I am a member). However, the LP is also defunct in that it suffers under a name that, however unfairly, has been discredited beyond redemption.

My reasoning is that the GOP, however defunct it may be as a political force, still has an infrastructure that is part of the political reality of the current political process. Why not have the coalition I mention above merely take control of this infrastructure? This seems to me far more possible than for any of the presumptive third parties to break into the duopoly as it currently exists by building their own competitive infrastructures. This would provide virtually instant access to ballot presence, debate participation, party name recognition, etc.

Despite the fact that my rational self knows that America is most probably done for, it is simply not in my nature to shut up and take it so long as any form of resistance is possible.

Please offer your critique of this idea along with ideas of you own. We simply cannot imitate the Jews of WWII and meekly shuffle along to the gas chambers.

Think about it – then speak up.

Troy L Robinson

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