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Here is a way to help evaluate who you should really support in the presidential election.

If you will visit this site, answer the questions truthfully and unemotionally (and, without second-guessing how you think your response will be evaluated, you may be surprised at the result.

If you don’t mind sharing, please reply to this and let us know your result. I will start the ball rolling by exposing my results in my own response.


12 Responses to “Election Quiz”

  • Troy says:

    My own top 3 choices (in order of support, most to least)were:

    1. Ron Paul

    2. Gary Johnson

    3. Mitt Romney

    To my slight surprise, I have the most support in a couple of areas for Barack Obama — probably because of my responses regarding Evolution, Stem Cell Research, Abortion Choice and Gay Marriage (the latter two not because of any particular support on my part but, rather, because I think these issues are not the business of the federal government).


    • Greg says:

      Okay, Troy….?

      Can you figure this out for me?

      1) Jill Stein

      2) Gary Johnson

      3) Barack Obama

      3) I get because I somewat support Obamacare.

      But Stein supports growing the government, and Johnson supports shrinking the government. How does this even make sense O.o

    • Greg says:

      Hmm… question for you:
      Did you go through and select “give me another option” on some of them, or were you just “Yes” or “No?”

  • Daedalus says:

    Poor poll or computer program or both.
    I had Romney at 98%, Paul at 94% and Goode (whomever he may be) 92%
    O’Bama came in at 53%
    The results had me pro life, I checked back and I had picked pro choice.
    some of the questions had no satisfactory options, I made some up which might have added to the confusion.
    OK I went and checked up on Virgil Goode—He represents the Constitutional Party, the third largest party 🙂

    • Troy says:

      I agree that something is fishy… do you think there is some manner of bias built in to this or do you think it is simply sloppy work?

      Thanks to all of you for trying it out. At least we learned something.


  • I concur that there is something amiss with the survey/software:

    1- Ron Paul 92%
    2- Mitt Romney 89%
    3- Gray Johnson 85%
    4- Barack Obama 52%
    CA Voters 49%
    American Voters 51%
    Republican 92%
    Libertarian 74%
    Green 46%
    Democrat 44%

    There is no way my answers on social issues and drugs would have given me a 92% Republican rating. Anything I thought none of the Fed’s business (E.g. gay marriage, abortion, drugs, etc.) I answered that it should be permitted, simply because they have no Constitutional power to prohibit it. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      I got the same puzzling result. My answers should have tagged me as 99% Libertarian but I also came out pro-GOP, which could not be further from the truth.

      Given that the link to this quiz was emailed to my mate, who gets lots of GOP mailings, I suspect any built-in bias to be pro-GOP.

      Thanks for participating in this experiment.


      • Greg says:

        That certainly would explain why I have Mitt Romney 51%, wouldn’t it? Here’s my question: You know how it said what you agreed with under the person. (IE: You agree with Jill Stein on Economic, Social, Science, etc.) What things did it say you agree with under Romney?

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