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House GOP sets course for fully funded Obamacare

When asked whether the House Republicans would permit or not permit funding for Obamacare in whatever legislation is enacted to fund the government after Sept. 30, when the current funding legislation runs out, House Speaker John Boehner responded that “our goal would be to make sure the government is funded,” thus indicating that House Republicans do plan to fund implementation of Obamacare past Sept. 30. Read & Comment

Thus speak the “leaders” of the Party that promises to save you from Obamacare, return us to fiscal sanity, restore the Constitution! Sure they will.

I wish to suggest that the only reason most Americans don’t see these bums for what they are is that the Dems are so much worse. While that is true, NEITHER of the duopoly parties are on YOUR side. What will it take to get your attention??

I will exclaim once again – the only difference between the duopoly parties is the special interests they favor with YOUR money. Otherwise, they are the same.

Yes, the TEA Party got a few for-real patriots elected in 2010, but not nearly enough to make any real difference. And, you can bet that even some of these will catch the power fever before long and go over to the “dark side”.

There is an alternative! The world will not end if America allows an effective third party!! All that would do is start to break up the duopoly.

VOTE LIBERTARIAN IN 2012. We will not win the White House but,a large Libertarian vote could be the beginning of the end of the duopoly. And remember, we have precious little time left before we switch from votes to guns. While many of us will make this switch, if forced to, it is not a thing any sane person could actually want.

Yet, millions of Americans continuing to allow themselves to be manipulated by the duopoly will ensure that eventually, guns will be the only option.

Please wake up!

Troy L Robinson

10 Responses to “Where Oh Where Have My Testicles Gone?”

  • I am not sure Boehner ever had any… â—„Daveâ–º

  • Greg says:

    I might want to point out the following, which I alluded to in my blog: The House has tried 33 (!) times to repeal ObamaCare and realize (finally) that they are “stuck” with it until at least the next election, 2012. Being as pragmatic as I am, I would say, “Best to fund it now, show people we are willing to work with it”– and then the minute Mitt Romney is elected (or majority of House/Senators to override a veto)–BOOM! Repeal it. That is how it looks to me in my opinion.

    • If Reid refuses to take up their bills in the Senate, they should refuse to fund his in the House. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Dave,
        I wholeheartedly agree. The House controls the “purse strings”… why do they (Republicans) continue to appropriate to budget line items a majority of American’s consistently indicate they don’t want (i.e. Obamacare)?

        The counter argument put to me is that as it stands right now, Obamacare constitutes a “duly passed” law (debateable) and until rescinded, to not appropriate is tantamount to Obama’s issuance of Executive Orders that nullify implementation of approved legislation. Ok, legally there may be some merit to that, I concede I’m unacquainted with all the House rules regarding “power of the purse” limits to argue the point.

        However, I do know that there is precedence for withholding of appropriations as a tool by which Congress can limit executive power. So why doesn’t the House at least use this power to counter the power grabs of the Obama Administration by Presidential Executive Order and regulatory agency overreach? Either “establishment Republicans” are complicit in the scam as stated by Troy (“performance art”) or are to timid (“no balls”) because they suck at messaging and almost always loose the PR battle to the tenacious Democrats and lapdog mainstream media. The trillions of dollars of spending was APPROPRIATED BY THE HOUSE! Even after the 2010 Republican takeover. This has been a BIG source of frustration! We clearly need to further “Clean House” (and Senate)!

        As I mention in my first post on this site, I do disagree with Troy’s support of a “third party” strategy. Hostile Takeover the Republican Party that IS OURS! Leaving the Republican Party “as is” will pit a third party 2to1 against a hard left Progressive (Democrats) and progressive lite (establishment Republicans RINOs). First step, even the odds and expel the RINOs (some in 2010, more needed); second step, an Individual Liberty based majority tenaciously persuasive enough to defeat the Progressives.

        IMO, if this does not happen, LIBERTY wonders in the desert following mirages and eventually perishes of thirst.

        The Lieutenant Colonel (Brian)

  • Troy says:

    The House voted 33 times on a bill that they knew full well would never come to a vote in the Senate. That is not governing — it is performance art. With the Senate fully under the control of Harry Reid, there is only one thing the House could have done — not fund it. And, they lacked the moral courage to do this.

    If you are this easily taken in by BS (as with the 33 votes), then I wonder about you.

    Also, you should know that Mitt Romney, the illegitimate father of Obamacare, will not repeal it. Instead, on the off chance that he is actually elected, the best you could expect is that he and his fellow weasels would try to “fix” it.

    What is your position RE the Easter Bunny?


  • Daedalus says:

    The House actually first voted for O’Bama care. The problem to resolve in November is the Senate. If the House repeals it and then the Senate, Romney would have to veto it, which I don’t think he would do. As for a position with the “Easter Bunny” I will have to check my back issues of Playboy.:)

  • Erik Lundrbeck says:

    Testicular fortitude seems to be in short supply in this country on both sides of the corrupted fence. With Senators and Represenatives, I always tend to vote 3rd Party because I have no illusions that suddenly we will have a third party President. That would be great if we actually had a Libertarian as a Preisdent, but thats a long way down the fecal ridden aisle. True Hope and Change isn’t with these hydra heads we call the Republican and Democrat Party, but with a Constitutional based Third Party.

    • Also see my reply to Dave above.

      IMO third party is a failed strategy… always at a 2to1 disadvantage. A hostile takeover from RINOs within the Republican Party IS possible. Proof… Progressives now own the Democrat Party.

      No third party has ever come close to even parity with either Dem/Rep little long dominance. Yes, just because it hasn’t doesn’t mean it can’t. But time is of the essence… let’s play the better odds.

      “Yes indeed we must all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately.” – Benjamin Franklin, 1776… the Progressives have the rope in hand.

      The Lieutenant Colonel (Brian)

      • Troy says:

        How about a friendly takeover by Libertarians in the Republican Party? I have no doubt that is exactly what would happen IF there were time for such things to play out. However, I fear we have even less time than we have money, and, it is impossible for the Chinese to loan us any time.


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