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The progressives have a mantra that (I suspect) they chant as the go about their evil. It is: ”Reward failure but punish success”.

Wealthy left out of Bush-era tax cut renewal
Embracing President Obama’s plan to extend only some of the Bush-era tax cuts, Senate Democrats on Wednesday passed a bill that would mean stable income tax rates for most Americans but a sizable increase for the wealthiest.

To add insult to injury, the Marxist-in-Chief repeated the statement that continuing the Bush-era tax cuts for the “wealthy” would be ”a massive giveaway”.

Say what? I thought to “give” meant to transfer something that is YOURS to someone else. For this statement to be true would mean that the government actually “owns” all the wealth in the nation, yet, through its boundless generosity, it allows the sheeple to keep part of what they earned (for the government). Heck, it even allows some of you to “keep” part of what I earned (for the government).

On one level, this is just standard progressive crap. The tragedy of it is that a huge number of the sheeple actually believe it! Especially those who are getting to “keep” what others earned (for the government). Are our children no longer taught the fable about what happened to those fools who ate the goose that laid golden eggs?

First, we got a national belief system that is based on fantasy. Next, we got a national currency that is based on debt. Now we have a national political system that is based on outright stupidity. What can possibly come next?

Yet, many counsel me to hold out hope that this will all, somehow, magically get fixed.

Sorry, no buy-in here.

Troy L Robinson

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