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  • I have become increasingly disgusted with FOX News succumbing to PC and boycotting the Eligibility Issue, so I rarely even turn the TV on anymore. The only reason I haven’t canceled cable entirely, is days like today when there is big breaking news, so I have had it on all day. I am dismayed at all of FOX’s metrosexual reporters trying to ascertain how the Batty-man managed to get all those guns without a CCW permit or even a hunting license. City folk just don’t get the real America, do they? â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    Comment1: I hope Obama notes that this guy did not do this all alone — he used public infrastructure for many elements of his evil adventure. And, don’t discount the contribution made by the producers of this movie. Surely they knew it would cause j.ust such an incident

    Comment2: We had to make a fairly long drive (to Ft Worth and back) for some injections to my back. This afforded us a lot of time to listen to the braying jackasses on the radio (in our case, FOX News Channel which we get on our Sirius radio). It is unreal how many hours these people can spend braying about things they know little or nothing about.

    Comment3: The ban on firearms in the theater is to make us safer. How can you not understand that?


  • Troy says:

    Comment4: I thought flying the national flag at half staff was to honor fallen heroes. The dead in Colorado are VICTIMS. Certainly this was a tragedy, but, if we lower the flag every time someone is victimized, it would never again fly at full staff.


  • Greg says:

    Troy Wrote:
    …Surely they [the producers of batman] knew it would cause j.ust [sic] such an incident…

    Evidence, please? Bowling for Columbine didn’t have someone shoot up the theater; that was far more graphic In my opinion.

  • Daedalus says:

    I noticed the honorable mayor of New York was immediately out calling for gun control. This man surely has contempt for the innocent victims turning this tragedy into a political pogrom against guns. He might have had the decency of waiting a few days until more facts are in. The same goes for any others exploiting the situation on either side of the gun fence. It bothers me that this happened as the UN gun ban treaty is being considered. I would like to know the motivation for the action.

    • Greg says:

      The hyperpolarization of politics, which Mr. Bloomberg participates in in this case is somewhat disgusting. I think they both should have waited until after the facts were gathered. Additionally, to use a tragedy, any tragedy, as political football is reprehensible. I was mortified at the way our former President used 9/11 to further his political objectives as well.

      (Self-censored a criticism I was going to make of this post as I am not sure if Dave would have appreciated it. Best not to annoy the creator of the blog 😛 . And yes, I am being gun shy 😐 )

      To use a better analogy, remember when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin? The nation immediately jumped to racism, and we hadn’t even known much about anything, and we really don’t know a lot about the situation at hand anyway. I ask you, was it “right” of the New York Times (I think?) to call Zimmerman a “White Hispanic?” What the heck is a “White Hispanic” anyways? Is not that a totally fabricated term?

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