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As we all know, the Executive and Legislative branches of our government have been failing us for years, primarily because of their refusal to boldly acknowledge the problems we face and to take the bold actions needed to get us back on track.

Now, with the Arizona and Obamacare equivocations (where there should have been bold decisions), the Judiciary has proven beyond doubt that it too is a failure.

Pandering, equivocating, hiding behind hollow promises and insane predictions that the mess will somehow sort itself out as if by magic, and, worst of all, piling new government programs and regulations on top of old ones as if somehow the cause can become the cure if only the portions are increased enough.

This week the Supreme Court has joined the other two branches of government in suggesting that hard choices can be made with no hard effort to follow. Continuing the insane notion that somehow government can continue to insulate us from any and all of the realities and consequences of life without utterly destroying us in the process.

Can any of us now continue to deny that our government is a decayed, rotten structure? True, it may still sit on a solid foundation (the Founding Documents), but everything above that foundation is near collapse.

This leaves we-the-people (at least that portion of us who still care) with a very serious decision, one that must be made lest the structure of government collapse into a pile of rubble, leaving the tyrants to rule us at their whim.

That decision is much like the one required of a contractor who must deal with a collapsing building – what must be decided is which will take the most labor and resource – repairing and restoring what which is decayed and rotten in the existing structure or simply razing it down to its still solid foundation and building a totally new structure in its place?

Or, we can continue to decide not to decide and let the whole thing collapse as it inevitably must, but with no attempt to limit and control the chaos and pain that will entail.

We have been attending candidate forums lately. The other evening, we heard two runoff candidates for our congressional district answer questions regarding their intent if elected. One of them answered almost all of the questions with platitudes, motherhood and apple pie. Clearly we must shrink the size of government, reduce spending, get prayer back in the schools, end abortion and post copies of the 10 commandments on every flat surface in the land. Then he went on to praise the so-called “Ryan Plan” as a “good start”.

Do my ears deceive me? This guy proposes to shrink government and reduce spending through adoption of a “plan” that would increase spending (albeit slower than the present rate), leave virtually every useless department and bureaucracy in place for eternity and would balance the federal budget in about 30 years, but only if certain fairy tales of growth and prosperity come true in the meantime. And never forget, this “plan” does not speak a word toward paying down the massive debt we have already incurred – a debt that will eventually destroy our Republic even if we never spent another penny.

What we obviously need is a government, all three branches, committed to a major dismantling of the unconstitutional artifices our dysfunctional government has built – a dismantling that must begin today, not in some future fairy land where all is once again sugar and spice and everything nice.

For sure, such dismantling will cause pain and wailing:

  • Lets eliminate the Department of Agriculture (oh my god, there go my food stamps, my farm subsidies, my price supports.)
  • Lets eliminate the Department of Education (oh my god, the rubes will be back to teaching hard work, individual responsibility, morality and ethics – who will indoctrinate the children on the benefits of collectivism?)
  • Lets eliminate the Department of Commerce (oh my god, there go my subsidies, there go those regulations that actually serve to discourage competition.)
  • Lets eliminate the Department of Labor (oh my god, where will we get all that campaign cash without the union thugs there to launder government money and send it back our way?)
  • Lets eliminate the Department of Energy (oh my god, how will we fund all those sources of “alternate energy” which are actually schemes for rewarding our supporters with money from the public treasury?)
  • Lets eliminate the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives (and everything else that might make us a threat to the tyrants) (oh my god, people will be doing as they please and making their own decisions concerning their own bodies. Besides, how can we continue growing the police state with these two vital elements gone?)
  • Lets eliminate the Federal Reserve and put the country back on a sound money system(oh my god, how will we be able to use the silent thief called inflation to rob the people of what they have worked for? And, who will guarantee the wealth and power of the global financial cartel?)
  • Lets eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency(oh my god, the drillers will increase drilling, the manufacturers will increase manufacturing, people will use their own land and resources as they please – what good could come of this? Just remember what a mess this Republic was before the EPA! For god’s sake, prosperity was spiraling out of control!)
  • Stop! Stop! Lets don’t eliminate anything. Next thing you know we would each be responsible for our own sustenance, required to suffer (or enjoy) the consequences of our own actions. Imagine, millions of people going about their own business, doing what they want to. What could be more horrible? We know many of them would decide to do things we don’t like. They might start new businesses that hurt my old one. Besides, am I not better suited to think for them rather than chancing them thinking (and doing) for themselves?

Damn! I’m glad I came to my senses before that list got even longer. Let such nonsense start making the rounds and, next thing you know, people might start to believe it. Worse yet, they might start to make it happen. Oh my god, oh my god. The horror of it all.

I just realized I love my dysfunctional country. So I am ruining my future descendents chances of a good life. So what. There are too damn many of us already. Let the little pikers freeze in the dark!

Dear readers, please forgive me for trying to destroy your day and accept my sudden repentance as genuine. And don’t forget that lot in Florida I want to sell you. With god as my witness, it is underwater very seldom and even then it is lovely.

Troy L Robinson

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