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With this article I return to a topic I have spoken to in the past – the extent to which all Americans have common interests and the extent to which they do not. I was prompted to write this after watching the campaign video below. Please watch and listen…


First, a question… was this not the most blatantly racist thing you have seen lately?

Beside that point, however, is my topic. In my adult life, I have lived in several different states where I have witnessed court-approved (sometimes court-ordered) cases of gerrymandering congressional districts to virtually ensure the election of a black or an Hispanic. No doubt the same thing goes on elsewhere to virtually ensure the election of Jews, Muslims, gays, or whatever. The point is that such actions, and the reasoning behind them (if the word “reason” can be stretched that far without breaking) is that people can only be well represented in the halls of the national legislature by others who are part of the same special interest group. That somehow, the governmental policies that are best for one group are harmful to another.

Sadly, we have gotten to the point where that is increasingly true. But it should not be so. Further, were this Republic ever to be put back on its true path, it must cease to be so.

The reason is that such a situation can only exist when government interferes in areas where it has no business and no constitutional authority. None of the enumerated powers delegated by the States to the Federal Government, via our Constitution, authorizes the Federal Government to pick winners and losers or to favor any one citizen over any other.

I have long maintained (and do so still) that at least 95% of the needs, hopes and aspirations of our citizens are common to us all. For the sorry situation we see around us today to exist at all means that those who should be our leaders have pandered to that 5% or so that we think divides us, and further, it means that, for the most part, we the sheeple have agreed.

Fast forward to today to a situation where our Republic literally totters on the brink of obliteration. Yet, we the sheeple, and the bums that we choose to represent us in all levels of government, are so intransigent in our positions over the most petty nonsense that we cannot even begin an honest discussion of those things that are about to destroy us, much less begin to look for solutions.

For the most part, the industrialized countries have been living in a fantasy world for over a century now. We elect slimy politicians that we know full well are lying to us because we cannot bear to hear the truth of what WE have either done outright or, at best, allowed to be done in our names. And now the veil is about to lift and we will be forced to see what we have wrought.

Our once great Republic is virtually bankrupt – intellectually, morally and financially. Our executive “leader” is a tin pot, narcissistic, would-be dictator and our legislature is filled with moral cowards who seek only to prolong their days in power and luxury.

As we slip over into the abyss that so hungrily awaits our carcass, many of us will wail “who did this to us?”. I have an easy answer for you. Simply find the nearest mirror and take a good, long last look.

Think about it if your brain still works.

Troy L Robinson


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