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Today, I presume to offer four new extensions to the mumbo-jumbo soup of jargon that was once the English Language.

My first offering is a word that will mean “to make a statement that is too silly to be believed, especially when uttered by someone in a position of authority”. The proposed word is biden as in “come on, you’re just trying to biden me”.

My second offering is a word that will mean “to make a statement so utterly stupid that the listener cannot believe was uttered by a supposedly intelligent human”. The proposed word is pelosi as in “now that is a pelosi if I ever heard one”.

My third offering is a word that will mean “to make a statement that means the exact opposite of what the words spoken normally mean”. The proposed word is obama as in “you are telling me that up is actually down? I think you are trying to pull an obama on me”.

My fourth offering is a word that will mean “a totally uninformed moron who casts a vote in an important election”. The proposed word is voteron as in “those voterons have been obamaed into voting another crook into office”.


Perhaps we can begin a collection of such new words and include them in a new Progressives Dictionary For The New Order? There, these new words could join those old once-useful words that have taken on new meaning such as fairness which now means “to punish one group for the failures of another”. Or swear which now means “the solemn oath I am about to take is null, void and I have no intention of holding myself to it no matter what”. Perhaps bailout which now means “I am giving one big hunk of change to the crooks that made my election possible”.

Just think of it my friends. Want to run for office? Just make a lot of campaign speeches where you promise bailouts to your supporters while you obama the voterons into voting for you. You might well also toss in the occasional biden to keep the voterons entertained but, by all means, try to avoid making a pelosi when you speak because even voterons find those hard to accept.

Such is what my contributions have descended to.

Troy L Robinson

One Response to “Extensions To The Jargon”

  • Good one, Troy, although the word ‘Orwellian’ already means what you are suggesting for Obama. I think obama might be better employed as a new term for running a con on someone. E.g. “Are you trying to obama me out of my cash? â—„Daveâ–º

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