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This man is no fool. Please get out of paper. NOW! â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    I can’t get the video in this article to play in Firefox or IE. Any ideas?

  • Troy says:

    Finally watched it — thinks for ruining my weekend!

    Reality is such a pesky thing. No matter how hard we try, how much we deny, there it sits, unchanged and waiting for its time.

    I wish we had a bit of land we could use to produce food and fuel. You are lucky to be in an area where things grow so readily.


    • Sorry about your weekend… Don’t applaud my location. I am within a tank of gas from L.A., and there are apt to be a lot of hungry people heading my way. Growing something requires time, which would have to be spent defending the the ground. I would prefer to stay mobile, and revert all the way back to hunter/gatherer. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Troy says:

        Right — just as we are a bit too close to the DFW metroplex when TSHTF (although it is convenient in the meantime). Not sure how well one might do hunting and gathering in this area — unless one has an appetite for rattlesnake and armadillo.

        Also, how does one stay truly mobile without fuel? We haven’t the resources to keep horses on standby.


  • I have never tasted armadillo; but rattlesnake is tasty, if chewy, and all one needs is a shovel to bag one. 🙂

    A scavenger or looter is a hunter/gatherer. One can gather food wherever one finds it, after successfully hunting for an unguarded supply. I didn’t mean constantly mobile; only able to decamp quickly, when conditions merit it. Needing to defend one’s turf, come what may, because one has no other viable option, seems folly to me.

    A steady supply of horse fuel would generally be harder to find than an occasional tank of motor fuel, which could be bartered for at some price. That is why we horde shiny bits of metal. â—„Daveâ–º

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