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Lately I have contributed very little to this space, mostly because there is really nothing new to report. However, a recent incident in California is worth the effort because of the graphic view it offers all of us into our own inevitable future.

For months, I have repeated the warning that the various phoney “wars” (on drugs, on terror, on illegal immigration, on firearms, etc.) are actually moving us toward becoming a police state. This, along with the move toward a Marxist dictatorship, which has greatly accelerated under the Obama administration, will have very predictable consequences. Predictable because history is replete with similar examples and they all end the same way.

The incident in question is only one of many such that are occurring with increasing frequency – far more than most of us realize because so few of them are so clearly documented.

What we have here is a film of a man being beaten, tasered and strangled to death. By police officers. It is not clear exactly what caused the police to initially detain the homeless man who quickly became their victim. The best I could figure is that he was unable or unwilling to identify himself to police (that is, he did not quickly show them his “papers”).

They chat for a while – not all of it clearly audible – then the man is commanded to surrender his backpack (so the police can look for something with “his name on it”), made to sit down, then is given a string of often conflicting commands as to how he should position his arms and legs. After several minutes of this, he jumps up and attempts to flee, pushing back at the officers in the process (please note that the man suffered from schizophrenia).

This film is just over 30 minutes long and is quite distressing to watch. Yet, watch it you must if you are to clearly understand what happens when ignorant thugs are given state-sanctioned power over life and death. This is a film of police state tactics at their finest. Something a 1930’s Nazi could view with pride and understanding.

Please make yourself watch it all. Among other things, please note the physical size of the man versus the initial 2 police (which later increased to about ½ dozen). Note the number of times the man tells the police that he can’t breathe. Note the number of times the man pleads for help. Note the people passing by, either too disinterested – or, more likely, too afraid of the police to intervene in any way. At about 28 minutes into the film, when the man is obviously near death, note the officers laughing.

Watch all of then then tell me this is the world you want to live in.

In the beginning, the government of our nation was OUR government. Through our own refusal to do our part to manage that government, it has now become a thing apart from us. What started as our servant has become our master. And still, so few of us even offer up a whimper in protest.

Come November, the “establishment” has us set up to once again choose between “nothing changes” and “more of the same”. And, whichever evil we choose, a few months later, we will once again act surprised that things continue to get worse. In our way, we are no different from the peoples in France and Greece who just voted to ignore their impending collapses and keep the party going for a few more months. It looks quite stupid when others do it – too bad we lack a national mirror.

I hope the film makes you as sick as it should.

Please remember that, a few years ago it was Ruby Ridge then the Branch Davidians. Today, it is various individuals who have committed no apparent crime. Tomorrow it will be YOU.

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Troy L Robinson

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