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I am over caring one whit what happens to the subhuman koranimals who inhabit Afghanistan – or any place else for that matter! Newt has it right:




So does Ron Paul… bring our kids home. All they have done for the women and children of these religious fanatics is totally unappreciated. There is nothing in that miserable tribal wasteland worth another drop of American blood, or another dime of our tax money. Let’s get out of the Taliban’s way, so these mindless fools get the government they so richly deserve.

Then, let’s figure out how to consign the mindless Apologist-in-Chief to the future he so richly deserves… what a reprehensible fool… â—„Daveâ–º



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  • Excellent piece and posted.

  • Troy says:

    The sad fact is that war is so very profitable to the cronies in the military-industrial complex and especially to their financiers. These wars never had anything to do with making people free and had everything to do with making a few people richer. Our brave fighting men and women are just so many pawns in a sickening game. Still, Dr. Paul gets booed when he publicly suggests doing something about it. We have become cheerleaders for our own destruction!

    We have been increasingly manipulated by an international financial cartel for over 100 years and they are frightfully near to realizing their goal of total domination of the Western world with BHO as their puppet dictator. I suspect that they are even using the Islamist movement to further their goals.


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