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I heard on the radio today that several of the GOP presidential candidates are running on “values platforms” in South Carolina in a race to see which one can pound his bible the loudest. For reasons I cannot fully explain, this puzzles me. Allow me to attempt to explain…

Gingrich, Perry and Santorum all three have long worn their Christianity on their sleeves, on billboards, indeed, anywhere and in any way they can advertise their holiness. OK, if that is what they really believe and what they really stand for, fine with me. After all, it is still an almost free country. So, why am I puzzled? Simple. I expect people who are that holy to be above reproach. Yet, all this public display of near sainthood seems to have no affect on their actual conduct. I refer particularly to two recent Romney pile-ons that were both taken so far out of context that the result could only be called dishonesty (lying if you like your accusations straight up.)

The first was when Romney said he liked being able to fire service providers who were not providing adequate service. Clearly, what he meant is that the likes the choices available in a free market. Yet, the pseudo-saints were the first to “spin” this statement to make it sound like Romney simply enjoys making people lose their jobs.

The second is the whole bucket of crap about Romney’s days with Bain Capital. To hear these pseudo-saint, allegedly free-market conservatives describe venture capitalism, you could only picture a modern Ebenezer Scrooge, reveling over his ability to trod on others. As I understand the efforts of Bain and its peers, what they actually do is buy troubled companies at less than they would be worth sans whatever the nature of their troubles, then try to restructure them into something of greater value so that they can turn a profit (please note that profit has five letters, not four). Sadly, some of these companies are so far gone that the only way to extract value is to sell off the pieces. But, even then, one must remember that, to sell off these pieces means that some other enterprise bought them. This often means that, although some people lost specific jobs, others gained jobs as the pieces were put back into production. Ergo, the net job “loss” may not have been a loss at all. The other thing one must remember is that, absent a company like Bain being willing to venture the capital, most of these companies would have gone totally out of business with a much larger overall impact on the job market.

I have made no secret of the fact that I do not consider Romney good presidential material for any number of reasons. But, if he is to be defeated, it should be accomplished using truth and fact, not misinformation.

Lastly, for my part, the pseudo-saints are actually doing us all a favor by publicly demonstrating what manner of people they are. I can only hope that the public is paying at least a little attention.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • I take your point, Troy; but karma is a bitch. Romney started it. To his credit, Newt tried to run a positive campaign discussing ideas, and had generated quite a lead in Iowa doing so. Then, Romney and his PAC unleashed a brutal multimillion dollar attack on his character. His choice was to get in the mud hole with him, or fold his tent and go home. His ability to take the punch, get back up, take off the gloves, and fight back hard is impressive. Now, let’s see how well Romney can do the same.

    Remember, it is dumb sheeple they are having to try to talk into voting for them. Nobody likes negative campaigning; but it is what works on thoughtless sheeple. Besides, it is excellent practice for what will be coming this fall in the General campaign against the Chicago street thug. â—„Daveâ–º

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