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I hereby move that the entire nation heed the demands of the “establishment” and proclaim Mitt Robamaney the GOP nominee by acclimation. I make this move on the grounds that there is no good reason to destroy any more members of the human race who may once have had the audacity to think the American people should choose the nominee.

Of course, this diatribe is prompted by the recent revelation that Dr. Ron Paul is a hate-mongering anti-Semitic racist, continuing a pattern that began with the lynching of Herman Cain over his alleged womanizing and the attempted destruction of Newt Gingrich over past infidelity, being a “bad boss”, having new ideas and every other sort of “crime” one may imagine.

There is a more than clear pattern here. No matter how old or obscure one’s past foibles, real or imagined, they really matter only when one begins to challenge the anointed Mitt.

Truth is, I have no idea what Ron Paul espoused in the late 80’s to early 90’s because I was not watching and it seemed to not be newsworthy at the time. Ditto with Herman Cain and whatever clumsiness he may or may not have had in dealing with members of the opposite sex. As for Newt, the allegations are no doubt true and even more so are beside the point (even though I personally do not favor his candidacy).

One thing I do know – I would much rather be judged on the more mature, more informed person I am today than on any previous version of myself. I like to think that I have taken advantage of the opportunities time and experience have given me to learn and to understand. And, I extend that notion to everyone else as well. If we are living anything near a proper life, we are each a work in progress.

The sad thing is how well it works. Herman Cain is out of the race and probably his reputation has been smeared forever. Newt has been falling precipitously in the polls and no doubt Dr Paul’s fall has started as I write this.

To me, this last part is the worst of all. It is no real surprise that greedy power mongers cling to their power and wish to extend it. What is disgusting is the speed with which WTS gobble it up like so many scandal starved idiots.

When we, as a nation, have gotten exactly what we are asking for, I hope the national epitaph will read “a nation can only stand so much stupid”. Our Atlas did not shrug – its back was broken by the load of stupidity it was expected to carry.

Keep in mind that this assault on your liberty is being brought upon you by members of both duopoly parties.

Think about it. Sorry — I forgot. Most of you can’t.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Spot on, Troy. I had just finished reading:

    …and agree with the first commenter’s similar sentiments completely. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Coming Race War

    And what’s wrong with forecasting something that may well come true? We’re already got it between Mexican and Black gangs. Oh, I remember, we have to hide unpleasantries at all costs……..

    In 1998 when we were living in a camper at the San Onfre campground on Camp Pendleton, I was talking to a husband and wife (Both Marine officers) when the subject came up, and their faces turned bitter/angry and stated that there would definitely be one in the future.

    • Predicting is one thing, Brock; but suggesting the slightest provocation for one, or a preference for sides, is quite another, which would absolutely assure that he could never win the General election. I am more troubled by the fact that he was purporting to sell insider information, which he admits he was asked not to disclose, for a fee. I am surprised it might have been considered legal; but it damn sure is unethical and downright tawdry for a Congressman. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      It was not my purpose to imply there was anything right or wrong in any of these flashes from the past. My points were: 1) they are from the past, and, 2) when they were part of a long ago present, they did not seem to matter all that much. It is only when there is a need to tar and feather that the once meaningless suddenly takes on meaning.

      We are being manipulated and seem powerless to resist.


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