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This is insanity. The global economy is about to crash into a deep depression over all the phony liquidity held by financial institutions, and gold is dropping? There must be a lot of traders selling their gold to make margin calls. This is a golden opportunity for anyone who is still holding paper assets of any sort, to cash out of them and buy physical gold or silver. Take the hit on your 401Ks even, get out of paper – NOW! â—„Daveâ–º 

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  • Troy says:

    Right you are. Gold is going down for emotional rather that rational reasons. There is NOTHING going on among the western governments to even make a dent in deficit spending and the printing of fiat currency. Soon enough, the markets will realize they cannot simply whistle their way past the graveyard forever.

    BTW, if you plan to buy bullion, keep in mind that KITCO, while they do not have the absolute lowest prices are not, as a Canadian company, obligated to report bullion transactions to the U.S. government. You pay a bit more but you stay in the shadows.


  • Daedalus says:

    People are selling for emotional reasons, but then many of them bought for emotional reasons. Look at the price of gold and oil since 1972. In 1972 the average price per barrel was $3.60. In 2010 it was $71.21 Roughly 20 times more. Gold was at $58.42 in 1972, and $1,224.53 in 2010. Roughly 21 times. One might compare the price of oil today to gold. It looks like gold is a little undervalued, unless oil goes down too.

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