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In the most recent GOP debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry seemed to suffer a “brain freeze” when he could not remember the third of three departments of the federal government that he was promising to eliminate.

Much is being made about whether or not this spells the end for Perry. I don’t presume to know nor do I care.

What bothers me about the incident is that it clearly illustrated something that is very wrong in our system yet, to my knowledge, none of the media have raised the point. The point being that Governor Perry obviously did not forget his own idea. What he forgot is what others had coached him to say – and more obviously, something he did not believe in strongly enough to have it etched into his mind.

In other words, we witnessed the real-time failure of a process that dominates far too much of our current politics. That is, the hiring of a cast of researchers who scan the polls, trying to determine what people what to hear, then pumping the appropriate words into the candidate just prior to a speech or debate.

This does not help us sort out the candidates. Candidates who do this are, in effect, asking us to look into an electronic mirror and see just what we want to see, without regard to what they might intend do if elected. And, the media assist them in this fraud at every opportunity.

I honestly believe that this is the reason we, so far, hear so little of substance from Mitt Romney. His handlers are still working out the perfect message so that he can appear to be just what we need or want when the critical juncture comes.

My friends, when will we get enough of this? Evidently, a large number of those polled are already sick of it and, IMHO, this is the reason for the Herman Cain surge. Whether or not you support Mr. Cain (and, it is a split decision in my household), you can’t help but believe that he is saying what HE BELIEVES. That same lack of doubt is evident in Gary Johnson and Ron Paul (if and when they are allowed to speak). Newt Gingrich is most certainly articulate and never misses an opportunity to congratulate himself for the job he says he did as Speaker. But, Newt is yesterday’s news. His ideas are yesterday’s ideas.

Huntsman, Bachmann and Santorum are out of it and should step aide to clear the field a bit for the others. Sadly, the same must be said for Johnson, however much I like him.

So, the question for all of you is this: Will you continue to let the media choose to GOP nominee (which will be Mitt Romney if they have their way), or will you listen to those who have fresh ideas and support one of them, regardless of whether the media tells you they can’t beat Obama? Or will you let the media herd you into supporting one of the “plastic men”, each so pliable they can repeatedly reshape themselves to look like whatever you want?

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

3 Responses to “A “Brain Freeze” Can Say A Lot”

  • Daedalus says:

    Troy, Just wanted to let you know that at least one person read this. I enjoy reading what you have to say, and most of the time only comment when I think I have something to contribute.

  • Troy says:

    You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.


  • I wouldn’t count Bachmann out quite yet. I get the feeling she hasn’t quite had her full 15 minutes yet. I also disagree with your assessment of Cain’s combination of sincerity and knowledge. While I think he is mostly sincere in his statements about his own belief, I think he could just has easily have been stammering like Perry. He just isn’t consumed by the life and ideology of politics in the way Gingrich, Ron Paul, or even Bachmann are. If he were, he wouldn’t have said the other day that we need to make sure China never gets nuclear (nukular?) weapons.

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