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Bachmann: Hurricane and earthquake are messages from God to cut spending

With a single, air-headed phrase, Congresswoman Bachmann has shown herself to be totally unfit for the office of POTUS.

Sometimes frontrunner Rick “Good Hair” Perry similarly disqualified himself with his recent bible-pounding show at Reliant Stadium.

It is a simple fact that the combination of people on the dole, government employees, and union members give the democrat candidate over 40% of the vote, assuming most of the people in these categories show up at the voting booth. In other words, the democrat base is huge.

By contrast, the GOP base is quite small (and shrinking). It does not require the mind of an Einstein to figure out that the only way a GOP candidate can make it to office is by appealing to the libertarians and independents.

These appeals to God might make some difference to the GOP base but they alienate many of the independents and most of the libertarians. Ergo, nominating either Bachmann or Perry would be another BobDole – John McCain exercise in making a democrat failure look appealing by contrast.

If you want an ever better vision of hell, imagine a Perry/Bachmann or Bachmann/Perry ticket.

There are at least 3 very qualified candidates for the GOP nomination that the lie-stream-media are trying their best to eliminate. And, I fear they will succeed. I guess the best we might hope for is ho-hum Obama lookalike Mitt Romney.

This whole process and its inevitable outcome have gotten me so depressed I can hardly blog anymore.

This condition is being made worse by the fact that we are out traveling in our RV. Every time we travel these days, the sight of so many fat, lazy, stupid Americans makes me wonder why anyone is working to save this mess anyway.

Yes, I know that there are still a very large number of very fine Americans left in the nation. I just wish there were some way to separate them from the rest.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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