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AF General: “Sir, we have succeeded in creating a cloaking device for Air Force One.”

Obama: “No way!”

AF General: “That’s right, Sir. It will now be invisible.”

Obama: “This I have to see.”

AF General: “Certainly, Sir. Would you like to come along on its maiden flight?”

Obama: “I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

AF General: “Have a good trip, Sir.”

The U.S. Air Force – Solving Problems Since 1947…

2 Responses to “Air Force Zero”

  • Scotter says:

    Dave! Great one. Good to see you still have a terrific sense of humor even at the ripe old age of 66! Ha!

    • Hey Scott!! Yeah, at my age one has to laugh to keep from crying, over how the world I grew up in no longer exists. Ten thousand years of human history went for naught, now that this new batch of smart-ass kids has arrived on the scene, to tell us how we ought to live our lives. 🙂

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