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Following is a direct quote from my local (Whitney, TX) newspaper:

“The Governor of our great State, Rick Perry, has called upon U.S. Governors, fellow Texans, and people from all backgrounds and CHRISTIAN DENOMINATIONS (emphasis added) to join him August 6 for a ‘solemn day of prayer and fasting on behalf of our troubled nation’ at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.”

Obviously I live in Texas – a fact I am quite proud of – and have for some years. I can attest from my own personal experience that Texas has become quite diverse in terms of religion and ethnicity. For instance:

→ There are very prominent Jewish populations in our major cities.

→ Since the end of the Vietnam War, thousands of Vietnamese refugees have settled in Texas where they now dominate the shrimping industry and are very prominent in the restaurant trade in many cities. Many of these people are Buddhists.

→ The high-tech industry, especially in the Austin area, attracts many people from India. Most of these are Hindu.

→ Several of our cities, again especially Austin, have significant numbers of atheists.

→ The better-than-average Texas economy has attracted many people of the Muslim faith, especially people from Pakistan who have a growing presence in the motel and small grocery trades.

What are all these people, and more, to make of the governor’s actions? Do we simply not matter (except at tax time)?

If there ever was a clear example of the wisdom of the founder’s attempt to build a “wall” between church and state, this is it. But, in my opinion, it goes even deeper than this. Rick Perry has been governor of the state for around 10 years now, although it seems much longer. I was never aware, in the past, of a lot of public display of religious ardor on the governor’s part. Until now. Until he has contacted a severe case of “Potomac Fever”.

Now that the fever has taken him, he has gone into pander overdrive, evidently thinking the right-wing christian vote can propel him into the White House. To my great dismay, it may be working. I doubt he could be elected president, but he could serve the Bob Dole / John McCain role of gaining the GOP nomination, thereby helping a distasteful Democrat win the election.

Pay attention my friends. Rick Perry is just another professional political hack who will pretend to believe and support whatever he thinks will generate support. At the end of the day, he can be had by the highest bidder. We need a real leader.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Agreed. I have weaned myself off Glenn Beck, so I haven’t heard; but I’d be willing to bet he had something to do with this. Perry did a cameo on one of his last TV shows, and now we know he is moving to Texas. The reason Beck came to mind, however, is that his best friend Pat Gray was a talk show host in Texas for many years before joining Beck’s on-air radio staff. Every time Glenn would say anything positive about Perry’s pandering to the TEA Party over the past year or so (eg talk of secession), Pat would caution him not to trust Perry; because he was the consummate politician and not what he appeared to be.

  • Daedalus says:

    I wonder what a decent candidate would look like!
    My thoughts.
    1. A mind committed to rationality.
    2. Familiar with and supportive of the Constitution.
    3. Economic thoughts along the lines of Milton Friedman.
    4. Knowledgeable about foreign affairs.
    5. Eager to start reducing the size of government.

    That is not asking a lot is it?
    What does your list look like?

    • Trial says:

      So, I take it you’re going to vote for Ron Paul? ;D

    • 2. a. As originally intended.
      4. a. Absolutely committed to end nation building.
      4. b. Committed to avoid war by all means possible; but if provoked into one, determined to take the gloves off and win it quickly by any means possible, then to come home and leave them to put their own foolish devastated country back together.
      5. b. Starting with eliminating the DOE.
      5. c. Terminating all public employee union contracts and outlawing such.
      6. Committed to energy independence ASAP
      7. Committed to common sense environmental policy that elevates the needs of humanity above 2″ fish, 3″ lizzards, et al.
      8. Sarah Palin’s wink… er… charisma.

      I’m sure to think of more…. Stick around, John, it is getting lively around here… 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      Your list works for me!


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