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Please ignore any racial connotation in the pun… it was simply too delicious not to use.

Most Americans who were educated before the Feds took over our school systems are familiar with the legend that the Roman emperor Nero stayed in his palace, playing his fiddle, while the heart (and foundation) of his empire was being destroyed (“Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns”).

The Obamanation has done much the same thing this week as he celebrates his birthday at multiple, lavish parties at the same time that his nation’s economy continues its decline. Now I don’t begrudge anyone a birthday celebration but, these particular celebrations on the part of a hypocrite who is constantly harping about “shared sacrifice” is a bit much for me to swallow.

No sooner had Obama cowed the GOP into caving into his demands for more debt than he is out demanding more taxes and additional “stimulus” spending. The insanity of increased taxes explains itself so let us examine the latter…

The whole notion of government spending to stimulate the economy is based on the failed economic theories of people like John Maynard Keynes. Theories that have been proven wrong so many times that one marvels that anyone wanting to be taken seriously even mentions them. Yet, they do.

The essence of the theory is that, if government puts some ready cash in the hands of consumers, they will do the obvious and use that cash to consume.

For the sake of argument, let us imagine that such stimulus cash actually did go into the hands of people who, by some twisted logic, “deserve” it (rather than most of it going to special interests and cronies). Then let us further imagine that every cent of this stimulus money is actually spent on consumables, rather than paying debts already incurred. The obvious result is that economic activity has been stimulated – right?


The reason it is wrong, and will always be wrong is this: “stimulating” the economy actually means causing money to flow into (or within) the private sector. Not a bad idea UNLESS the money in question comes from the public sector – that is, from government. Why, you might reasonably ask, is this always wrong? For the simple reason that this stimulus money is part of the wealth of the nation.

Wealth can only be created through production. Government produces nothing tangible, therefore it is incapable of creating wealth. This means that any wealth distributed by government must be taken from the productive who are always in the private sector. Ergo, government stimulus consists of government seizing the wealth of the producers, via direct taxation, via indirect taxation from inflating/devaluing the currency or via incurring debt that the producers will intimately have to pay, and then returning part of it back to them.

In simpler terms, government stimulus spending is nothing more than government, giving back to the private sector, a part of what it took from the private sector. How any sane person thinks this can stimulate anything other than anger and resentment is beyond me.

As I have noted elsewhere, it is tempting to assume that Obama, like Nero of old, is simply a corrupt bumbler who is incapable of executing the office entrusted to him. I do not accept this. I honestly think the economic destruction of America is planned and intentional.

How, you ask, could I think that? Why would anyone want to damage that which they presume to control? Well, this last question is also an answer.

There is a prevailing misconception that tyranny causes impoverishment. We look at the late USSR and assume that the tyrannical rule of Stalin and his minions impoverished his people. We might look at Castro’s Cuba and make the same assumption. Ditto for tinpot dictatorships all over Africa, the Carribean, and South America.

I submit that this assumption is wrong. That, rather than impoverishment being a result of tyranny, it is a PREREQUISITE for it. The simple fact is that prosperous people are very hard to control. A society’s willingness to submit to control rises in direct proportion to its level of desperation – and — impoverishment, along with wars, are tried and true ways to cause desperation.

What this all boils down to is that the Obamanation’s task is to bring the United States into the new world order. But, most Americans will not go willingly until they have been reduced to the necessary level of desperation. Understand this and you will understand how Obama can be so celebratory while the rest of us suffer.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

2 Responses to “Negro Fiddles While America Burns”

  • chewin'mule says:

    I’m in your corner, Troy. FDR was a corrupt bumbler, or should I say “Great Experimenter”! Lincoln “saved” the Union. FDR, whose main focus was staying in office, “saved” the economy. Obama is not interested in “saving” anything. “Fundamental Change” is his term for “cleaning up this “messy Democracy”. The worse things get the better positioned he is to declare, “Just as Lincoln and FDR were “forced” to act in the face of impending disaster, I must take these drastic measures to save us from sure peril!” Our Republic and it’s Constitution are always in his “sights”

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