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Here is an excellent article written by Dr, Edward Hudgins of The Atlas Society:


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  • A minor point in this year-old well-reasoned article, caught my attention:

    There was the national debt, which was 50% of the GDP in 2008 and will approach 80% of the GDP in 2012.

    …because just yesterday the big red headline on Drudge asserted that we had just now surpassed GDP with our debt. I recall reading somewhere that no economy has ever recovered from achieving that milestone. Interestingly, just yestarday on the Freedomtorch forum, I replied to a lament that because of the entitlement mentality, economic recovery will be a challenge, with: 

    Agreed. I am afraid the challenge is insurmountable by any normal pollitical process. We are going to have to start thinking like John Galt. Shrug off the parasites, let the corrupt system crash, and rebuild at least a portion of our Republic from the ground up, without the slightest regard to the desires of the altruists. Here’s looking forward to the crash… bring it on…

    Then after a few comments from others, wondering whether our dumbed down children are up to the what that would entail, a new connotation for the NH state motto popped into my mind:

    Live Free Or Die……… because those of us who choose Liberty aren’t going to feed you anymore.

    There are plenty of kids being home schooled or in private schools who are not being brainwashed. They grow up with serviceable minds that only need be unleashed from the system. Those who have been crippled by altruistic hogwash would literally have to get over their expectation of a free lunch, and become productive members of a free society, or perish. C’est la vie…

    I’m serious. Revolution between big city folk and us rednecks (or moochers & producers – same thing) is inevitable now. Let’s get it over with… â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      It is a totally politically incorrect thing to say — but, any serious acts of recovery must include some culling of the herd. I expect this will happen almost automatically as the parasites will have so few options once things start to collapse that they will try to physically raid the producers. The odds of success are greatly against them, and this will cause many to be eliminated as good people simply defend themselves.

      This does not make me happy but, sometimes unpleasant things are required.


  • chewin'mule says:

    I am in Dennis Miller’s camp on this one. “I’ll help the helpless, but to hell with the clueless.”

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