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As we all know, ex baseball great Roger Clemens (a US citizen) has been charged with multiple felony counts of what amounts to lying to congress. I am unfamiliar with the merits of this case for the simple reason that I don’t give a tinker’s damn about it. However, does it not strike one as a bit odd that a US citizen can be charged with a felony for trying to keep his personal affairs personal when appearing before our illustrious congress while members of that same congress constantly lie to their constituents as though it were their sacred right?

Obviously, this is yet another indication that our government has gotten totally out of control. And, we sit here and meekly take it. By what authority did these opportunistic thugs and liars get to be our masters? Better yet, why do we continue to put up with it?

Does anyone in this once proud republic actually think that the present congress (and government in general) is doing ANYTHING for the benefit of the nation or its citizens? If anyone does, please respond with a valid example because I am unable to find one.

If, as I suggest, the congress/government is actually doing nothing in the national interest, then what possible reason can we have for further tolerating their malpractice, their plunder of our treasury and their treason?

Might I suggest that, to use other animals to your benefit, those animals must respect you. This is equally true whether the animal in question is a horse you intend to ride, or to pull your plow, a dog that helps you herd your flock, or a group of humans, elected and paid to perform a public service for your benefit. To respect you, the animals must clearly understand what is expected of them and also that their own best interest is gained by doing what you expect.

In contrast, animals that do not respect you usually become a threat rather than useful creatures.

My friends, the group of unruly, undisciplined animals that constitute our congress, indeed, all of our federal government, have no respect for you and have, instead, become a threat to everything you hold dear.

It is time to show these animals who their true masters are. TEA party meetings and voting blocs are OK as far as they go, but, as we have seen, they simply do not go far enough. It is past time to make our sheer physical mass apparent to these creatures. By massing at our national capital, by camping in the halls outside their office doors, by intentionally jamming the gears of government in any way we can, until such time as we truly get their attention. Until such time as we regain their respect, until such time as they again understand their true roles – as servants of the people, not as their masters.

I plead with you, don’t let them fear-monger us into submission, don’t let them drive us to senseless violence (which will merely give them the excuse to use force against us), but DO get angry and conduct ourselves such that they see and fear that anger. Doing nothing simply equals surrender. Surrender is NOT an American tradition.

Troy L Robinson

7 Responses to “Lies are Lies are Lies…”

  • Daedalus says:

    Troy, how many will read this? How many will heed this? What leadership is going to inspire their actions? Presently the tea party movement or Beck are the only possible sources of immediate action. Beck is very much against anything which he believes will bring discredit to his activities. That leaves the T parties. Do you think that they will want to “jam the gears of government?” I am not sure they will want to.

  • Troy says:

    Dae, you asked:

    “Troy, how many will read this?”
    -> Very few.

    “How many will heed this?”
    -> Probably none.

    “What leadership is going to inspire their actions?”
    -> My hope is that the Pauls (Ron and Rand) might do this.

    “Do you think that they (TEA Party) will want to “jam the gears of government?””
    -> No.

    However, this is what I think and what I recommend. I try to actually say what I believe, not what I expect people what to hear.

    What do I think “we the sheeple” really think and want? Very simple. We can all agree that the budget crisis can be ended in a mere moment simply by doing this: stop all government outlays that benefit “the other guy”. Our manipulators leverage the obvious conflict in this “solution” to keep us all in deadly combat with ourselves. I am merely suggesting a way out that is under our own control.

    So far, Beck has been successful in gathering a large group at the Capitol to pray and whine but I’m damned if I see any good that came from it — other than adding to Beck’s fame and fortune.

    I am very active in my local TEA Party but all we really seem to accomplish is getting together on a regular basis to tell each other what we already knew. On a national level, the TEA Party has influenced the election of a pitiful minority in the House and approximately one Senator. But, they have essentially no power, despite their constant appearances on FOX and their leadership is selling them (and us) out like we were so many cattle at the auction barn.

    So, all that is left for me is to shout into the void, hoping someone will eventually hear and comprehend (or, perhaps, show me the error in my approach). At least, I have tried to say something.

    Thanks for commenting — I always value your perspective.


  • Troy says:

    Thanks to speaker Boehner for helping make my case. Once again, our “leaders” are selling us down the river, just as predicted.

    It is going to require some physical intervention to get their attention. As it currently stands, the vast majority in congress are more attentive to (and more afraid of) the guys behind the curtains than of the citizens.

    As much as I would like to see these traitors hung for what they are doing, I recommend AGAINST acts of violence by our side as this would give them a seemingly legitimate excuse for police intervention.

    However, it would be very advisable for our side to provoke the administration into some openly violent act AGAINST the people — now, while the dictatorship is still not firmly set in place. Surely such a thing would finally show the sheeple what they are dealing with.


  • I like the gear jamming idea; but as I ponder how best to do that, I still come up with the easiest way to force a Constitutional crisis that would be a game changer, is to force the issue of the Obamunist’s eligibility onto center stage and make the politicians deal with it…

  • Troy says:

    I like the idea of forcing the eligibility issue but, except for The Donald, nobody with influence seems interested. All Trump accomplished was to subject himself to ridicule and force the release of another fake birth certificate. Unless and until the media gets behind this, it is a non-starter. Even FOX seems afraid to touch the issue.

    If the issue did somehow catch fire, then our do-nothing congress would be forced to take up the issue. Given their current record, the Obamanation would be dead of old age before they brought anything to a vote.


    • I doubt any voting would be involved. If it ever hits the mainstream, he will be offered a pardon by Biden if he steps down and goes away quietly. Else, he will need to be arrested. They cannot impeach an Usurper.

  • Troy says:

    They can, and should, charge him with treason.


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